WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has taken a verbal jab at his former UFC boss Dana White during a new interview on ESPN Sportcenter.

Lesnar, who was at one time the UFC’s heavyweight champion during a four year stint in MMA before returning to his pro-wrestling roots, has generally had a good relationship with White, but it appears he hasn’t taken too kindly to remarks from the UFC president on Twitter stating that wrestling is fake and that it was only worth the $9.99 a month subscription fee that fans now pay to watch WWE’s content.

“Of course, Dana, it’s fake,” Lesnar said. “Everybody knows that, but it’s still the same – you’re promoting the same thing we’re promoting. Dana White is promoting fights, we’re promoting fights. It just so happens that we get a little more longevity out of our fight and out of our fighters because of the circumstances.

“Dana, probably in his defense, is promoting fighting – but it’s the same thing. He’s trying to sell pay-per-views. He’s trying to sell money fights. It’s the same racket.”

Lesnar then turned up the heat by claiming that White might just be a little jealous of WWE boss Vince McMahon.

“I think [WWE boss] Vince McMahon’s better at [promoting] than Dana, and that might rub Dana the wrong way. Vince is the pioneer of it. He’s been doing this his whole life, and he’s damned good at it.”

Thanks to his success in pro-wrestling, Lesnar made a huge impact in the UFC when he joined in 2008, headlining some of the biggest PPV events ever while also winning the title and successfully defending it twice.

His run was then marred by a lengthy battle with diverticulitis which threatened to end his career at one stage. He managed to overcome that, but his luck in the Octagon began to run out and he went on to suffer back-to-back defeats against Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem along with diminishing PPV returns which prompted him to announce his retirement from the sport.

Lesnar then returned to WWE, though earlier this year there was talk that he had unfinished business in the Octagon and was looking to return to the UFC. Dana White appeared to be eager to facilitate that, but at the last minute Lesnar announced his decision to remain with WWE.