Brock Lesnar Beats Mark Hunt By Unanimous Decision At UFC 200

Brock Lesnar yelling

After a five year absence, Brock Lesnar returned at UFC 200 tonight and was able to outwrestle Mark Hunt to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Lesnar light on his feet as he circles Hunt. He’s keeping his distance for now. Lesnar leaps forward with a jab that doesn’t quite find the mark.

Leg kick from Lesnar. Hunt paws out with his left hand. Lesnar misses with a strike and runs off balance for a moment then resets.

Lesnar stumbles and gets back up. Now Lesnar charges in on a takedown. Hunt gets his legs free at first, but Lesnar keeps charging forward and is able to get him down at the second attempt.

Before he can work the position Hunt stands against the cage. Lesnar continues to press him up against the cage though. Two minutes of the round remaining. Lesnar with a single leg, hoists Hunt up and takes him down.

Lesnar in side control. He’s just happy securing the position for now with 90 seconds of the round remaining. Hunt moes to his knees, but Lesnar stays heavy on him and lands a few shots to the head.

Solid knee to the body from Lesnar and then cuffs Hunt’s head with punches. Lesnar blasting away aggressively now in pursuit of a finish, but Hunt is able to scramble to his feet.

Lesnar up and instantly charges down Hunt again, quickly bringing him to the mat again and moves to full mount, but that’s the end of the round.

Round Two:

So, a good first round for Lesnar, but it’s back to standing to start the second, which is Hunt’s world.

Lesnar throws the jab to keep distance. Hunt slowly stalking forward. Lesnar fakes the takedown. Hunt lands an overhand right, but Lesnar mostly blocks it.

Lesnar trying to get light on his feet and occasionally flicking out the jab. Left hand for Hunt misses. He lands a jab though.

When will Lesnar go for the takedown? Hunt with the jab again. Then again, and Lesnar ducks underneath it for that takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Lesnar in on the takdown again, but comes out empty-handed. Mid-way through the round now. Lesnar continually backing up.

Hunt throws and Lesnar ducks under again and gets his legs, but Hunt is able to step away.

Lesnar with a punch that misses. He resets and lands a punch to the body. Body punch from Hunt now. Right hand gets through partially for Hunt.

Lesnar feeling out with the left hand. Lands a jab. Ducks for the takedown, then decides against it. Then he does move in and clinches Hunt up against the cage with 30 seconds remaining.

Hunt trying to keep upright until the end of the round and he manages to do so.

Round Three:

Final round then and Lesnar looks gun-shy on the feet as you might expect so far, which could be problematic if he can’t get Hunt down in these last five minutes.

Hunt throwing out the jab. Short combo from Hunt gets Lesnar’s attention. Lesnar in on a single leg attempt and pushes Hunt up against the cage. He takes his opponent’s legs out from under him and lands the takedown.

That’s a huge moment for Lesnar and he lays heavy on top of Hunt and starts landing some ground and pound from half-guard.

Lesnar not putting all his power into these, trying to balance striking and control. Three minutes remaining.

Lesnar starts to land some heavier left hands and Hunt takes a deep breath. Lesnar moves into full mount with over two minutes to go. Lesnar with some heavy right handed punches. Hunt tries to punch from his back.

Shorter right hands from Lesnar now, quickening the pace, but without the power. A minute remaining as Hunt tries to survive. Left hand for Lesnar. He shifts position slightly and then lands some hammerfists.

Punches to the body and head from Lesnar. A few hammerfists. 10 seconds to go and Lesnar is happy to control position and take it to the judges scorecards.


So, not the most exciting fight then, but Lesnar won’t care about that. After being out for almost five years he’s made it back into the Octagon and emerged with a unanimous decision victory (29-27 x3).

Now the question is, will he look to fight again, or is he happy to just call it quits while he’s ahead? He wouldn’t be drawn in his post-fight interview, so we’ll have to wait and see, but for the time being he’s set to return to the WWE.

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