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Bruce Buffer Explains Why He’s Been Saying “It’s Fight Time” Lately

If you’ve been watching some of the UFC’s recent events such as ‘UFC On FOX 4’ then, like me, you might be wondering why Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer has been changing up his famous catchphrase, “It’s Time!” to “It’s Fight Time!”

Well, on his own radio show on the Sherdog Radio Network he finally gave an explanation for the switch-up…sort of.

“The question has come up and it’s the last time you’ll hear me say it,” Buffer told a caller. “It’s basically, I was trying out a couple of things. I’m going through some marketing aspects and that’s really all I can tell you right now. I wanted to try something for marketing purposes.

But, ‘It’s Time’ is mine, we all know that and that’s basically where it’s at, that’s all I can tell you.”

Nope, I don’t really know what he means by “marketing aspects” either, but it seemed like a strange thing to do and hopefully he reverts back to his original catchphrase ASAP.

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