Bryan Battle Defeats Tresean Gore By Decision At UFC Fight Night 200

Bryan Battle reaffirmed his status as the ‘real’ Ultimate Fighter winner from the latest season by defeating the man who previously had to pull out of the final due to injury, Tresean Gore by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 200.

Round One:

Low leg kick from Battle. Now a push kick. He lands a front kick to the midsection too. Gore taking the center of the Octagon as Battle continues to throw kicks to the leg and body from range.

Gore yet to let his hands go as he stalks his opponent. Another leg and body kick from Battle. Big power on the body kick from Gore. He lands a leg kick too with authority.

Jab for Gore. More kicks from Battle, but doesn’t have the same power on them as Gore so far. Body kick from Gore.

Calf kicks from Battle. Body kick and a push kick. Head kick attempt from Gore. Now one from Battle. One-two for Battle.

Push kick for Battle. Gore catches a kick and launches an overhand right that doesn’t connect cleanly. Body kick, one to the leg from Battle and then a couple of punches upstairs behind it.

Gore loads up on a big punch and then tries for another but is off-balance. Front kick to the body from Battle. leg kick for Battle, counter punch from Gore and another strike from Battle.

Fast overhand right from Gore. Three-piece combo from Battle. Kick from Gore. leg kicks for Battle. Push kick from Battle. Gore blasts Battle with big shots to the body. Battle loses his mouthpiece and the round ends before the action gets back underway.

The jaw at each other afterwards, with Gore telling Battle he’s getting knocked out, while Battle says he only landed one punch and it didn’t hurt.

Round Two:

Body kick for Gore and then another. Now a calf kick. Battle with a push kick. He lands another kick to the body. Jab from Battle.

Jab from Gore too. Two punches and a low kick from Battle. Battle with another punching combo as he ups his work-rate.

Big kick from Gore. Now a jab from him. Hard calf kick for Gore. Push kick from Battle. Punch and a kick from Battle. Gore catches him with a heavy punch and Battle’s legs buckled for a moment there, but he quickly regroups.

Battle loses his mouthpiece again and gets it back. Gore with a big kick and a short flurry of punches that seems to wilt battle again momentarily.

Solid jab for Gore. Battle with a few light punches to set up a single leg takedown. He’s unable to get that, but presses Gore into the cage.

Gore trying to break away, but Battle jumps into a knee and continues to drive him into the cage. Gore with a little space and lands a knee to the body. Battle tries for the takedown again and gets it, but Gore is soon back up.

Battle continues to work in the clinch. Gore lands a knee to the body. Clipping punch from Battle as they break apart for a moment. Battle drives in for a takedown, but Gore catches him in a standing guillotine. He uses that to take Battle down and get on top.

Gore able to secure top position and is looking for ground and pound as the round ends. Battle going back to his corner with his right eye swelling shut.

Round Three:

Jab for Battle. He looks for a right hand. Front kick to the body from Battle. Now a leg kick. Solid body kick from Battle. He tries for a head kick upstairs.

Overhand right from Gore just misses. He does connect with a right soon after. Battle thinks about a kick, but Gore nicely times a takedown off that.

Battle works back to his feet and turns into Gore in the clinch against the cage. Knee to the body from Battle. He lands it again. Gore punches to the body.

Gore able to drive forward and then get around to Battle’s back. He tries to bring him down but they end up breaking away instead.

Battle with a punching combo. Now a body kick. Battle drives into the clinch against the cage again. They jockey for position against the cage. Battle breaks away for a moment, lands a couple of punches and then back in again as he tries to grind his way to victory.

They go back to striking range now and let their hands go. Battle with punches to set up another clinch opportunity.

Gore pushes him off and marches forward. Head kick attempt is blocked. Push kick from Battle. Gore lands a hard punch. He connects again and Battle goes for takedown attempt that’s stuffed.

Back to striking range again. Gore swings hard but can’t find the killer blow he’s looking for. Battle also trying to make that final impression to win the round but we’ll need the judges to settle this one.


Close fight then, with Battle being the busier fighter throughout, but Gore having the bigger firepower. Gore’s best moments came in the second round, but Battle’s workrate and willingness to grind out a win from the clinch help him secure a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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