Jon Jones is keeping an extremely low profile at the moment as he deals with the fallout from a hit and run incident recently which led to him being suspended from the UFC, stripped of his light-heavyweight title and facing a potential prison sentence.

Recently his manager Malki Kawa suggested that it’s possible Jones will never return to the Octagon, but according to one of the shamed star’s training partners in Alberquerque, Carlos Condit, ‘Bones’ does intend to make a comeback.

“Jon’s been around the gym a little bit, which is good,” Condit revealed on the latest edition of The MMA Hour show. “I like to see him down there. It’s a crazy situation that he’s going to have to deal with. I think having him in gym doing what he does best, training and trying to keep that side of his life going, is a good thing. [I] Talked to him briefly, but not about incident but about situation. He said, I’ll be back, I’m going to be back. I believe him, there’s no doubt. I think there’s a good chance. In his mind he’s fighting again.”

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva. who considers Jones a friend, was asked this week whether he thinks the UFC should allow the former light-heavyweight champ back to the promotion, but it sounds as Silva believes that Jones needs an extended time out from the sport.

“I don’t think so man. Jones is good boy, he’s good man. He needs to keep straighten his focus, it’s a different life man. I love Jones, but I need you to change everything in life. This is very important.”