Chico Camus Defeats Brad Pickett By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 57

Chico Camus pulled off an upset win over Brad Pickett tonight at UFC Fight Night 57 by way of a split decision win.

Round One:

Early exchange in close and they both let their hands go with Pickett getting the better of it with a solid right hand.

Camus comes in with a flying knee to the head. He comes back with a left hand too. Pickett looking for a big takedown, but Camus manages to partially stuff it and stay upright.

Pickett connects with a good punch and then lands a takedown. He’s in the full guard of Camus trying to stay busy. He postures up, then back down into his opponents guard and starts landing some solid elbows that start to open up some small cuts. He moves up to half-guard momentarily, but then Camus puts him back to full guard.

Short combination of punches from Camus. He lands a solid left hook too. He rushes in with another flying knee attempt. Pickett fires back with a flurry of strikes.

Left hook and a push kick from Camus. He dips in for a takedown, gets Pickett down, but the UK fighter scrambles right back up to his feet.

Camus again landing first as the round comes to a close and Pickett too has some damage to his face too and seems to have a broken nose which may have happened earlier on the mat.

Round Two:

Right back to striking these pair go in the early stages of the second round. Camus again seems a bit quicker, sharper and more accurate at this stage with his punches. Pickett tries for the takedown, but Camus shows good balance to stay on his feet.

Couple of counters land for Pickett, but Camus still landing too. failed flying knee attempt from Pickett. Pickett struggling to get a bead on Camus at times as he moves around the Octagon.

Pickett swoops in and lands a nice takedown. He has Camus against the cage, but can’t keep him down. Camus thinks about a guillotine, but lets it go.

Camus slips a punch and lands a hard counter. He pushes into the clinch against the cage and looks to get Camus down again, but there’s nothing doing on this occasion and as Camus moves away that’s the end of the round.

Round Three:

Pickett looking for a takedown early, but Camus spins away. They reset and Pickett lands a right hook. Camus looking to punch, but is getting countered more regularly now.

Pickett starting to pick up the pace and lands a few punches. He feels out with the front kick too. Calf kick for him too.

Ducking under a punch from Camus, Pickett fires back with a short flurry of punches. Pickett looking for a takedown, but again it’s stuffed.

Momentum certainly in Pickett’s favor mid-way through the round. As I say that Camus connects. Pickett lands again to the calg with a kick.

Camus lands a left, Pickett responds with a punch of his own. Front kick lands for Camus. He lands a couple of punches too.

Pickett utilizing head movement to get out of the way of another punch from Camus followed by a counter. In the final minute now and Pickett looks for a point scoring takedown, but no joy.

Front kick to the face for Pickett. Camus gets through with a few punches. Pickett waves him on and they meet in the middle to sling leather at each other in the final few seconds, with Pickett landing a final late punch after the bell sounded.


Close fight and that’s reflected in a split decision ruling, but it’s Camus who gets the nod from two of the three judges with his speed and accurate punches together with solid takedown defense all fight long being enough to emerge with the victory.

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