Chris Weidman successfully defended his middleweight title tonight in the main event of UFC 175, fending off the challenge of Lyoto Machida to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway with a tough of the gloves. Weidman with a head kick attempt immediately that misses the target.

Machida circling the cage and Weidman lands a leg kick. Machida pulls back on a kick of his own and Weidman tries a front kick that misses.

More kicks from Weidman, but they come up short. Body kick from Machida, but Weidman catches it and takes him down.

However, Machida gets right back up and gets away. Weidman with a nice kick, and then another harder one soon after.

Weidman in close and unleashes some punches that causes Machida to back up.

Good pressure from Weidman there. Couple of kicks from the champion and Machida tries to catch one of them but doesn’t succeed.

Weidman tries another kick, but this time Machida times a counter perfectly, landing hard punch in response.

Machida with a head kick attempt, but he’s off-balance. He tries to counter another kick from Weidman, but it doesn’t pay off this time and he eats the strike to the body.

Machida with a front kick to the body which Weidman catches, but Machida pulls it free.

Weidman with a high kick that misses and Machida lands a knee in close in the final 10 seconds.

Round Two:

Weidman snaps off a leg kick to start the second. Machida with a front kick to the body, but it’s partially blocked.

Weidman connects with a couple of jabs. He presses forward more aggressively with more punches and Machida backs up.

Weidman loads up on a kick and Machida counters with a nice punch. Nice body kick from Machida.

It’s the champion who’s continuing to take the center of the Octagon though. Leg kick for Machida.

Machida tries a big right hook, but misses. Weidman lands a jumping front kick to the body.

There’s a clash of kicks. 90 seconds of the round to go and Machida tries a head kick, but it’s blocked.

Machida lands a left hand over the top. Weidman moves in and lands a takedown with a minute to go. Weidman has Machida pressed up awkwardly against the cage and starts landing some ground and pound.

Machida manages to stand, but Weidman lands some knees from the clinch.

Round Three:

In-between rounds it was evident that Machida has a contusion developing near his temple on the right hand-side.

Weidman misses with a leg kick. Machida lands one of his own. He tries to go upstairs, but it’s blocked.

Weidman in with a takedown attempt, but Machida gets his leg free and keeps the fight on the feet where he wants it.

Machida with another head kick that’s blocked. He circles and then comes in with a left hand that doesn’t quite connect.

Another takedown from Weidman is stuffed. Weidman pumps the jab and comes in for another attempt at the takedown, and this time he lands it solidly.

Machida lands a nice elbow from the bottom. Machida turns onto his knees and stands, but Weidman’s trying to keep ahold of him and lands a knee.

Machida does break free though. Weidman wades in with a few punches that land. A right hand lands hard for Weidman and Machida backs away and looks hurt.

Weidman lands another nice punch and Machida seems hurt, but is trying to hide it. Machida lands a knee strike, but Weidman keeps going and gets a takedown.

Machida’s bleeding from a cut on his head that was opened during that earlier striking exchange.

Machida turtled on his knees and Weidman stays heavy on him. Machida does manage to find a way up to his feet though.

Final seconds of the round and Machida presses forward with urgency and tries a head kick attempt that’s blocked before the buzzer.

Round Four:

Into the championship rounds and Machida needs to do something to change the course of this fight as Weidman definitely has the upper hand so far.

Cautious start to this round. Weidman lands a knee to the body. Machida with a kick.

Another knee lands for Weidman. The two exchange punches in center of the Octagon and each lands a solid strike.

Machida tries a knee, but Weidman uses it to transition to a takedown attempt. He can’t keep Machida down though and they go back to striking.

Machida lands a hard hook that stops Weidman in his tracks for a brief moment. That was a good moment for Machida.

Another good left hand lands for Machida and Weidman looks a little deflated for the first time in the fight. Machida senses this and unleashes more strikes.

Not a whole lot coming from Weidman now and Machida suddenly looks confident. The left hand is landing well for Machida in this round.

He stuffs a takedown attempt from Weidman. Front kick to the body from Machida. Despite seizing some of the momentum this round Machida is still fighting at a measured pace and that might be a mistake as he really needs to go all out for a finish.

He stuffs another takedown. He starts pushing forward aggressively with more punches. Weidman lands a knee and Machida motions him in, clearly fired up. Just as the buzzer sounds Machida lands a big left.

Round Five:

Machida with kicks to start. A nice combination of punches all land, though none heavily. The fans are cherring for ‘The Dragon’ here.

Weidman with a head kick attempt that misses. Weidman tries another kick and Machida counters with a hard punch.

Weidman with a takedown attemp and Machida does very well to not only stuff it, but to then lands few strikes as Weidman gets back up off his knees.

They break apart. Weidman lands a good solid punch. That seems to give him some confidence. He lands another hard strike and Machida looks like he might be hurt, but then he rallies and presses forward with punches, throwing caution to the wind.

A knee connects from Weidman. He seems to be getting his second wind here. A big elbow lands. Machida continuing to come forward, but there’s less pep in his step now.

Weidman barrels forward and lands a takedown. He manages to get into mount and then takes his opponent’s back with a minute left.

Weidman tries to flatten him out, but Machida manages to move and battles back to his feet with 30 seconds remaining.

Machida looks tired, but suddenly he lands a big right hand and backs Weidman up against the cage. Machida launches with big knees and then more punches behind it. Weidman takes it all though and though he might be hurt he motions Machida forward after it.

Machida backs up though and the rounds ends.


Machida made a real fight of it in the championship rounds, but Weidman’s success in the first three rounds was crucial for him and helped ensure he retains his title with a unanimous decision verdict (49-45, 48-47, 49-46).