Middleweight champion Chris Weidman looks set to face current No.1 contender Vitor Belfort later this year and from the off he’s making it very clear that he doesn’t like the fact that his opponent is using Testosterone Replacement Therapy, even though he’s legally allowed to do so.

“He’s failed a drug test before,” Weidman tells FOX Sports. “He’s on TRT now. I don’t agree with TRT to begin with, so him failing a drug test and being on TRT, I don’t really like it. So I appreciate there will be a commission making sure he’s doing things right.”

When Weidman mentions Belfort failing a drug test before he’s referring to the Brazilian testing positive for steroids following a loss to Dan Henderson at PRIDE 32 back in 2006 which resulted in a nine month suspension.

In more recent times Belfort applied for, and was granted, the ability to use TRT legally to raise his apparently lower than normal levels up to a medically approved level. That has coincided with an impressive run of form for the 36 year-old that’s seen him take out three top contenders at 185lbs by either KO or TKO in spectacular fashion.

That string of results has earned him a shot at the title and in some critic’s eyes marked him out for ‘Fighter of The Year’ status, but his use of TRT, legal or not, has left others questioning whether he deserves such accolades, and it appears Weidman is among them.

“I guarantee his testosterone on TRT is two or three times higher than mine. I wake up and I work hard two or three times a day. I don’t feel that there’s a need for it, and if it comes to point where you need it, then you retire, you don’t fight. Fighting is a sport where strength is important, and if you’re going to have extra testosterone, especially after you’ve been caught cheating, it’s unfair.

Nevertheless, there’s no indication that Weidman will turn down the fight and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently indicated that they are hoping the fight will take place in Las Vegas sometime this summer, either in May or July.