In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it emerged that New York native Chris Weidman’s home in Long Island had been a victim of the storm, and he’s been shedding more light on the situation in a series of social network updates.

What we already knew was that Weidman had safely managed to evacuate his wife and kids away from danger before the storm hit, but that he had stayed behind in a vain attempt to ensure that it made it through the night.

Ryan Bader reported the next day that Weidman had “lost his home,” but later Weidman offered the following update in which he assured everyone that he was OK and appeared to hint that his house may still be salvageable.

“Thx 4 the support! Could’ve been a lot worse, everything’s replaceable there are a lot of people who r worse off. family is safe & healthy.

Fortunate to have my family who live 5 min away to stay at . Some don’t have that option.

Now just waiting on insurance to find out when they can come to assess damage and get contractor in . Hopefully be back in soon.

Our problem was flooding during this storm because we live on water.”