After his win over Thales Leites on Saturday night Michael Bisping said that he’s still has his sights set on getting a middleweight title shot, but current champion Chris Weidman isn’t losing any sleep over the prospect of facing, ‘The Count’.

“I’ve got a couple tough guys, for sure,” was Weidman’s assessment of his potential challengers during a fan Q&A session. “Luke Rockhold’s a tough guy. Jacare’s [Ronaldo Souza] a tough guy. Yoel Romero’s a scary guy. Scary looking guy. Bisping is a joke.”

Weidman’s not known for being much of a trash-talking, but it seems he’s willing to make an exception for the outspoken Brit.

“I would love for him to fight for the title because I’d literally beat him sleepwalking. I think I could beat him while I’m sleepwalking. He has no punching power so I can literally fall asleep while he’s punching me, just get a hold of him and throw him on the floor. If he doesn’t get knocked out when he falls on the floor I’ll just submit him. I could submit him with my eyes closed. 100 percent.”

Bisping, who now holds down third place for the most wins in UFC history Following Saturday’s night’s victory in Glasgow, appears to realize that a title shot won’t be coming his way immediately and so he’s already suggested a rematch with Vitor Belfort as a possible stepping stone first.

Belfort finished him decisively with a head kick in their first encounter back in 2013, but Bisping has since put him on blast for his well documented use of TRT and says that now it’s illegal to use testosterone the Brazilian has become a shadow of his former self.

However, like Weidman, it appears that Belfort would be only too happy to fight Bisping and feels confident that the end result would still be the same.

“Some MANY fighters figured out that speaking bad things about others they can get their shot,”
Belfort stated on social media. “I have been fighting for 19 years and have never needed to do that, I show my service inside the Octagon. Today some guys talk about me if I have or don’t have TRT, and don’t understand that every time they open their mouth to talk about me I get more sponsors and partners (nothing should be personal it is all about business). By the way, I got my 2 world title in UFC with no TRT. So if this guy from the pic wants another kick, punch etc. I am in!!! Let’s shut their big mouth!!! #letsshuttheirmouth #realsport #talklessfightmore”

So, as usual it appears that Bisping won’t have any trouble finding a willing participant to face next with both champions and top contenders alike lining up to make him eat his words, and you can’t help but get the feeling that’s just the way he likes it.