In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Ariel Helwani visited UFC middleweight fighter Chris Weidman who’s home in Long Island was badly hit by the storm.

You can watch the full in-depth video below courtesy of in which Weidman talks about his experiences battling to save his possessions during the hurricane, plus shows Helwani the extent of the damage in his home.

The good news is that Weidman does have flood insurance, and despite early reports that he had outright “lost” his home, it is in fact salvageable and if all goes well he hopes he and his family may be able to move back in by Christmas, though there’s no guarantees.

A lot of things will have to be replaced though, and a contractor is needed to replace some walls, while issues with salt water mean they’ll have to be careful of mold which could prove to be a health hazard in the future.

However, as Weidman is keen to point out, he was actually one of the lucky ones due to the fact that his home was on a little higher ground than others in the area and he can stay with his parents who live close by for the time being.

All in all he’s remaining positive despite the drama of the last week and we wish him and his family well and hope they get back to normality as soon as possible.