Christy Mack Gives New Update On Her Recovery Progress

Christy Mack, the victim of a brutal beating allegedly at the hands of former UFC and Bellator fighter Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver, has given a new update on Instagram revealing her recovery progress.

It’s now been two months since the assault and Mack is still continuing the healing process. In just the last few days she had to go back to a dentist after some of her temporary teeth fell out, but on the bright side she hopes to get new permanent teeth soon, and in the mean time she’s also had her nose fixed which means she can now breathe again through it.

In the accompanying pictures there’s still slight bruising beneath her right eye, a reminder that she actually suffered a broken orbital bone during the attack and she’s about to get new glasses now.

Meanwhile, at a recent court appearance the charges raised against War Machine now included Attempted murder, and a preliminary hearing is currently set for this coming Friday, October 17th.

Read Mack’s full update in the Instagram post below.


Sometimes half of your temp teeth decide to fall out to match the rest of your face. Thanks to Dr. Motykie for fixing the damage to my nose, and Dr. Adam Lousignont of Las Vegas for the temp tooth fix… again. Left was Monday right is today. What a difference a few days makes! I'm starting to breathe out of my nose again and today I'm going to get my glasses. One day soon I'll be going to New York to see Dr. Toscano and get my permanent teeth.

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