At yesterday’s UFC 182 media day in Las Vegas, UFC president Dana White have a clear indication of who they have in mind for the next title shots in the featherweight and welterweight divisions.

First up, despite many people believing that Frankie Edgar deserves that next shot at Jose Aldo’s 145lb title, White has confirmed that if Irish sensation Conor McGregor gets past Dennis Siver then he’ll get to fight for the belt.

“This fight in Boston, if {McGregor] wins this fight, he’s going to fight for the title,” White told reporters.

However, White believes that getting past Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 on January 18th on will be easier said than done.

“Everybody just assumes he’s going to run through Siver,” White said. “Nobody thought he was going to beat [Dustin] Poirier, but now he’s just going to walk through Siver? I don’t ever f*ck*n’ count the chickens until they hatch, believe me, because anything can happen in this sport. So we’ll see what happens.”

Meanwhile, White has also cemented their plans to have Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler fight for a third time next.

“Robbie and Rory just fought. We just feel like the trilogy makes sense – to do the third fight with these two.”

White had previously stated that No.2 contender Rory MacDonald would get the opportunity, but he’ll now have to bide his time and presumably fight again before getting his chance to fight for the belt.

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  1. I’m sorry, but handing Hillbilly Hendricks an automatic rematch is pure nonsense. He lost, Rory was promised next shot at the title and Dana says this “trilogy” makes better sense? BS. He says Rory “just fought Robbie”? Hells bells, Dana, Hillbilly’s the one who JUST FOUGHT Robbie…And LOST. Yet, this idiot gets an auto rematch? Why?? It’s not like he’s a fan favorite. In fact, Hillbilly’s a sure snooze fest, at best. Unless the endless stories of his dad makin’ them “do pushups when they wuz 8 year old” is some form of entertainment that caters to fans somewhere on another planet. This move is pretty $hitty on the UFC’s part, that’s not even up for debate.