Conor McGregor Set To Take Another Fight Before Title Shot

In a series of twitter posts today, rising UFC star Conor McGregor revealed that he’s poised to take more fight before competing for the featherweight title.

“I am looking forward to going to Brazil this week to see the Number 1 contender fight between Aldo and Mendes. Who gets to face the KING?” McGregor cheekily inquired in the first of his posts.

It’s been common knowledge since McGregor’s impressive first round TKO victory against Dustin Poirier last month that he’d be in attendance at UFC 179, but after Dana White claimed that the Irish fighter “makes sense” as the next title contender it had been anticipated that he’d call out the winner in Brazil after the fight.

However, due to what the 5th ranked McGregor claims are timing issues that won’t be the case.

“Because Aldo’s body is weak and Mendes is 2foot nothing, they will not be ready to challenge me for the throne until mid next year,” McGregor explained. “Myself, Uncle Frank and the rest of La Familia are in the process of selecting another victim to eliminate in the meantime.”

McGregor then proceeded to challenge the rest of the division’s contenders in his own unique style.

“I demand all scared contenders bow before me and kiss each individual toe, in a public setting of my choice, for pardoning from execution. You’ve 24hrs to come forward and surrender your woman and all your belongings or you’ll be hunted down and your head placed in my collection.”

It’ll be interesting to see who the UFC match him up with. A lot will depend on when it is they are planning to have him fight as right now the other top contenders in the division are otherwise engaged.

Cub Swanson (No.2) faces Frankie Edgar (No.3) on November 22nd, while Ricardo Lamas (No.4) fights Dennis Bermudez (No.8) a week earlier.

If the UFC are willing to wait then having McGregor face the winner of Swanson Vs Edgar would make the most sense as it would establish a true No.1 contender to fight for the title later in 2015.

On the other hand, if they want to have him fight sooner than later then they’ll have to look further down the list, and given that McGregor was taking pot-shots at the current No.10 ranked Dennis Siver on Twitter yesterday after Ireland drew with world champion Germany in a soccer match, that could be one of the only options left for him (Nik Lentz being the other).

“@DennisSiver we whooped you pussies on home soil,” McGregor taunted the German fighter. “Like Id whoop you on any soil you little German midget.”


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