Continued Weight Problems Force Anthony Johnson’s Titan FC Debut To Be Fought At 195lbs

Former UFC fighter Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson’s continued problems with his weight has once again become an issue, forcing his Titan FC debut tonight against David Branch to be changed from a middleweight contest to a 195lb catchweight.

Up until a few days the fight had been set to be contested at 185lbs, but then suddenly it emerged that it was now being moved to a catchweight, and lo and behold Johnson then weighed in a 194lbs, while Branch came in at 189lbs.

Titan FC are keen to play down the significance of this, but it’s obvious that the change is down to ‘Rumble’ who was thrown out of the UFC back in January after wieghing in a remarkable 11lbs over the limit for his middleweight debut against Vitor Belfort.

That was the third time in his UFC career that he’d been overweight for a fight and was the final straw for the promotion, though Dana White did indicate that the door wasn’t neccessarily closed to him forever.

It seemed obvious that this was a cue for Johnson to prove that he could meet the required weight in some fights for the smaller promotions before making his way back to the UFC, but the fact that he’s still unable to get the problem under control may well result in them seeing him as more trouble than he’s worth.


  1. It’s a bit mad isn’t it? I wrote an article about him back in 2009 cataloguing how he always seemed to be in denial about his weight – promising everybody that he’d make the limit, and then failing.

    The thing is, almost three years later he’s still doing exactly the same thing. Look at this HDNet video previewing his Titan FC debut in which he’s saying all the right things, but again he’s failed to live up to his word.

    He seems nice enough in his interviews, but there’s something not right about AJ.

  2. What I don’t understand is you move up in weight and then start blowing the weight limit by astronomical figures? Maybe my arithmetic is off but I thought it would be the other way around.

  3. Yep. Getting it wrong for his middleweight debut was bad enough but you could argue it was a trial and error process – but doing it again months later after alledgedly seeking the advice of nutritionists is just mind boggling.

    I’ve got a new report up on the site talking about his fight last night and he says he’s now thinking about going up to 205lbs.

    Stay tuned for news of him coming in at 220lbs for his next bout!


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