Cub Swanson Defeats Hacran Dias By Unanimous Decision At UFC On FOX 19

Cub Swanson had some big moments in this main card opening fight with Hacran Dias tonight at UFC On FOX 19, dropping his opponent on a couple of different occasions during the 15 minute encounte en-route to a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Dias with an early kick that doesn’t land. Soon after he connects with a leg kick though. Right hand from Dias. Body punch for Swanson. Right hand a leg kick for Swanson.

Leg kick for Dias. Hard leg kick for Swanson now. Straight right for Dias and back to the leg kick. Changing things up Dias goes for a switch kick to the body. Swanson steps into a leg kick, but eats a counter. Nice combo from Dias in close.

Body punch for Swanson and almost loses his balance in the process. Now a cleaner body punch from him. Continued kicks to Swanson’s lead leg from Dias. Swanson with a leg kick. Now he leaps into a body kick – very dynamic movement from Swanson there.

short flurry of punches from Swanson. He moves away from a few punches coming his way. Back to that jab to the body now. Swanson ducks and Dias targets him with a few punches while he’s hunched over.

Dias tries for a takedown, but nothing doing. Swanson with a spinning kick to the head that misses, but follows with a hook upstairs.

Round Two:

Dias immediately back to the leg kick. Swanson with a leg kick, but he follows up with a hook that drops Dias. Swanson swarms on him with strikes and Dias is just trying to survive as his opponent hovers over him. Swanson goes to the mat and is now in Dias’s half guard.

Dias manages to scoot back to his feet and they go back to striking range with Dias pushing forward with punches that Swanson is able to step away from.

Solid body punch for Swanson. He flicks up a head kick that doesn’t connect. Swanson ducks a punch, then returns fire with a body punch and one upstairs too.

Low leg kick for Swanson. He’s looking more confident and creative now, whereas he seemed a bit more wary in the opening round.

Front kick to the body for Dias. Dias almost able to clinch up with Swanson, but he’s shrugged off. Swanson with a jab, Dias with a solid right.

Swanson with a flurry and Dias falls to the mat again. He doesn’t seem to hurt this time though and gets up and catches Swanson with a punch. They smile and touch gloves in a show of respect after that. They continue to exchange at striking range as the bell sounds.

Round Three:

Swanson with a quick jab to start. Punch from dias and a nice uppercut counter from Swanson. Couple of punches from Swanson, but Dias is able to clinch up. Nothing comes from it though and they break apart.

Swanson targest the body. A punch from Dias just wings past Swanson’s head. Swanson with a leg kick.

Brief lull in the action then a nice combo from Dias, but Swanson countering. Hard punches from both men in close. Nice left hook from Dias.

Spinning kick from Swanson, but it doesn’t pay off. He ducks nicely under a punch from Dias. Dias clinches up, but hey break apart again.

Dias with a leg kick and tries to connect with punches. Powerful right from Swanson.

Dias seems to knock Swanson off-balance with a punch, but he rights himself and then instantly uncorks an accurate head kick that floors Dias!

Swanson unloading on him again, but Dias is surviving for now. Swanson standing over his grounded opponent and actually lands a spinning kick to his leg from that position.

Swanson turns up the tempo in the final seconds of the round, blasting away at Dias with ground and pound. He lands some big blows, but Dias survives to the final horn.

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