Damon Jackson Defeats Alexander Hernandez By Split-Decision At UFC Fight Night 240

Damon Jackson was able to do enough to get a split-decision win over Alexander Hernandez tonight at UFC Fight Night 240.

Round One:

Leg kick from Jackson. Now one from Hernandez. Hernandez targets the body. Another kick from him and a counter punch from Jackson.

Solid leg kick from Jackson. Right hook lands for Hernandez. Again an effective low kick from Jackson.

Calf kick from Hernandez, but Jackson counters with a takedown attempt off that. Hernandez stays upright for now, but Jackson now has his back as he presses him up against the cage.

Hernandez able to turn into Jackson and then reverse the position. Back to striking range now. Hernandez loading up on power punches. Jackson with the low kick.

Body kick for Hernandez, but Jackson catches it and works him back over to the cage. Repeated knees to the inner thigh from Jackson. He continues to land more of those. Now he hoists up a single-leg, but Hernandez keeps upright. Jackson chains to a double-leg attempt and lands it.

Hernandez looking to burst back up to his feet and is able to do so as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Hernandez lands a calf kick. Body kick for Jackson. Right hand from Hernandez. He lands it again. Calf kick from jackson in close. He lands it again.

Another calf kick from Jackson. Uppercut from him as Hernandez stepped in with punches.

Nice right hand from Hernandez. One-two down the pipe for him. Now a right hook from Hernandez. Jab for Jackson after missing a kick.

Solid jab from Hernandez, but eats a calf kick in return, and those are taking a toll on him.

Body punch for Hernandez as Jackson thinks about a knee. Hook lands for Hernandez. Calf kick from Jackson.

Calf kick for Hernandez, but so far jackson’s have been more punishing. Jackson lands a takedown. Not fully secured here though, but when Hernandez tries to stand he hops onto his back.

30 seconds to go and Jackson looks for punches but then tries to sneak the arm under the chin. Hernandez defends that though and so Jackson lands more punches while still latched on to Hernandez’s back.

Round Three:

Punches for Hernandez as Jackson lands a punch. Hernandez steps in with a right hand and drops Jackson!

Hernandez follows him down and looks to improve his position. Potentially he can take the back, then ops to try to step into full mount. He doesn’t get it straight away, but adjusts and does get there.

Credit to Jackson though as he finds a way back to his feet and lands a knee. Now they battle for control in the clinch against the cage. Jackson threatening with a choke while landing a slick takedown. Jackson now flattens out Hernandez from his back.

Hernandez able to scramble up, but Jackson is still on his back. Hernandez trying to shake him off though and eventually is successful in doing so, leaving him on top. Jackson back up quickly though and now he’s clinching Hernandez up against the cage. Back and forth action here!

Two minutes remaining and Hernandez reverses the clinch position. Body punches from Hernandez. They switch positions several times as they jockey for a dominant position against the cage. Nobody really gaining the upperhand from here and there’s now only 30 seconds to go for one or the other to win the round decisively.

More switches in the clinch and in the final seconds it’s Hernandez who has Jackson pressed up against the cage, but Jackson then manages to unleash a final flurry of strikes.


A competitive fight here then from start to finish and in the end the judges turn in a split-decision verdict, and it’s Jackson who emerges the winner (29-28 x2, 27-30).

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