UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was recently pictured with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta at UFC HQ in Las Vegas and now we know why – he’s just signed a new eight deal with the promotion.

According to ‘DC’ the contract negotiations couldn’t have gone any smoother.

“I was like, ‘This is what I feel like we deserve as a guy that’s done everything he’s supposed to and carried himself like a professional athlete should carry himself,’ and they said, ‘You know what, you’re right,’ and they pretty much just gave it to me, which is awesome,” Cormier said on MMAJunkie Radio.

Interestingly, the 36 year-old also admitted that he’s not sure he’ll even make it to the end of the contract, stating that, “I don’t even know if I can get through eight fights.”

Cormier’s MMA career isn’t as extensive as some of his peers, having a total of 18 fights over 6 years, but he was an elite level wrestler for many years prior to that, even competing in the Olympics in 2004 and then captaining the wrestling team at the 2008 games.

So, a lifetime in sporting competition is bound to take an effect on your body, and plus Cormier already holds a permanent role as an analyst on FOX Sports which would make the option to retire in the coming years less daunting than it would for other who rely solely on fighting to earn their living.

Cormier’s next fight is expected to be a rematch with former champion Jon Jones who defeated him by decision earlier this year before being stripped of his title due to a hit-and-run incident. As yet there’s no firm date for the fight, though Cormier has made it clear he’s keen for it not to take place at the tentatively scheduled pay-per-view in New York City in April (pending a legal ruling) as he sees that as a potential home advantage for ‘Bones’.