Danny Castillo got a chance to observe Conor McGregor up, close and personal as one of the coaching staff for Urijah Faber’s team on the show and from that he’s come to the conclusion that ‘The Notorious’ Irishman is putting on an act for the cameras.

Castillo, who competes in the UFC’s lightweight division and is a long-time member of the Team Alpha Male camp, says he actually liked McGregor’s outspoken antics prior to TUF and thought it was good for th esport, but after seeing how he operated during his time on the show he’s changed his mind.

“I just lost a ton of respect for him because (when) the cameras were off, he was acting totally different than when the cameras were on,” Castillo revealed on ‘TUF Talk’. “I lost a lot of respect for him because I’m the same way whether my mom’s there or my homies are there or you’re there, I’m going to talk the same way, I’m going to act the same way because I’m me. I’m that person. I don’t turn the switch on when the cameras are around.”

Castillo is currently enduring his a slump in form in the Octagon with three losses in a row, making his next fight with Nick Lentz at UFC On FOX 17 in December a must-win fight, while McGregor will once again look to prove that he can back up his words with action in the Octagon when he fights Jose Aldo in a featherweight title unification bout at UFC 194 earlier that same month.