Derrick Lewis KO’s Alexander Volkov In Dying Seconds Of Third Round At UFC 229

Derrick Lewis appeared to be coming up second-best against the taller, rangier Alexander Volkov tonight at UFC 229, right up until he landed a huge right hand bomb in the dying seconds of the final round and then followed up with devastating ground and pound to secure a knockout victory.

Round One:

Volkov starts with a push kick to the body. Leg kick for Lewis. Lewis wades in with a big punch and Volkov just avoids that. Switch kick to the head attempted by Lewis.

Volkov with a straight punch and then a front kick to the body. Lewis seems hurt here and Volkov comes forward with punches and knees. Lewis hanging tough though.

Volkov with a big punch again and Lewis seems hurt again and has to clinch to buy himself some time. Again he’s able to survive though and after pawing at his eye is given time to recover even though it’s not clear that there was actually an eyepoke.

Lewis tries for a takedown, but it’s botched and Volkov ends up on top. Not for long though as they both get back upright.

Lewis lands a punch, but there’s a nice trip takedown from Volkov to get back on top.

Volkov progresses to side control and then takes Lewis’ back. Lewis gets to his knees with Volkov riding him. However Lewis is then able to turn and starts landing some big ground and pound strikes. He’s swinging with full power here, but Volkov doesn’t wilt and still looks ok as the round ends.

Round Two:

Straight right lands for Volkov and Lewis reels backwards appearing to be hurt again. He recovers and swings a big punch to serve a reminder to Volkov that he’s still dangerous.

Volkov tags lewis with a hard jab and Lewis is repeatedly appearing to be hurt when he gets hit, perhaps due to some kind of orbital bone injury from the opening round.

Lewis with a winging punch. Body kick for Volkov. Lewis breathing hard. Another body kick for Volkov. Right hand gets through for the Russian. Now a head kick attempt. Front kick to the body.

Left hook for Lewis, but he keeps his head low and eats a couple of punches afterwards. Leg kick for Volkov. Another lands. right hand for Lewis.

Another winging punch for Lewis. Uppercut lands for him and knocks out Volkov’s mouthpiece. Soon afer the ref lets him put it back in and that’s the end of the round.

Round Three:

Inside leg kick for Volkov. He tries to go upstairs with a kick and it’s blocked. Lewis lunges in for an awkward takedown, but just flops to the mat and has to pick his tired body back up again.

Lewis swinging for the fences again. Volkov lands hard with a punch and Lewis is almost on the verge of being dropped again, but then keeps on coming. He’s pawing at his eye in clear discomfort but keeps fighting as Volkov tags him.

Body kicks for Volkov now. Lewis wades in with a few hooks, but Volkov retreats out of danger. Right hand lands for Lewis. Leg kick for Volkov, then another.

Crushing right hand for Lewis, but Volkov stays upright. Now a left for Lewis. Volkov with a push kick but Lewis lands a counter.

Now Lewis ands a jab and then a huge right behind it that knocks Volkov’s gumshield out as his legs buckle and he drops to the mat.

Following him to the mat Lewis lands a series of huge bombs down on his still dazed opponent and puts him to sleep for a stunning KO victory at 4.49mins of the third round.

Lewis looked to be en-route to a decision loss there, but with that one-punch power in his hands he’s dangerous right until the very end and puts an end to Volkov’s impressive winning streak.

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