Erick Silva suffered a sustained beating at the hands, elbows, knees and kicks of Matt Brown in the main event of last night’s UFC Fight Night 40, and there were concerns for his health in the aftermath of the event after he left the Octagon in a stretcher and was taken straight to the hospital.

According to UFC president Dana White backstage, Silva had a suspected, “concussion and possible fractured jaw,”as a result of the three round shillacking he endured from the in-form Brown, with Fight Metric reporting 161 significant shots landed.

“How tough is he? The shots he took tonight were unbelievable,” White said of Silva’s durability at the post-fight press conference.

The good news is that White later gave a positive update on Twitter about Silva’s condition.

“Erick Silva came back with a clean bill of health and can fly home 2 morrow!!! :)” White wrote.

It was definitely a case of Silva being too tough for his own good.  He appeared to essentially be out on his feet late in the first round, yet somehow managing to stay standing for the best part of two more rounds before finally giving out under a sustained ground and pound assault in the third.

He certainly earned the respect of his opponent though, with the victorious Brown paying respect to Silva’s toughness at the presser.

“I can’t say nothing but good things about him man,”Brown told the media. “That was a pretty amazing performance on his part too, at least in terms of being able to catch me cold and put me down, and then be able to withstand more punishment than anybody else ever withstood from me before.”