Diego Sanchez One And Done At 145lbs; Moving Back To Lightweight

Diego Sanchez has revealed that his brief stint at featherweight is already at an end after just one fight, a unanimous decision loss to Ricardo Lamas at the TUF Latin America 2 Finale last month.

“My next fight will be at 155,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter. “It was a bit to much weight to cut without iv’s.”

Sanchez did actually win his last fight at lightweight, though it was an extremely controversial split decision ruling against Ross Pearson that pretty much nobody other than the judges thought that he had done enough to emerge victorious from.

Prior to that he’d lost two fights in a row against Gilbert Melendez and Myles Jury, with a split decision win against Takanori Gomi being the other fight during his latest stint at lightweight.

Overall Sanchez is now 2-3 in his last five fights and both of his wins were questionable, so the 34 year-old has a lot of work to do if he’s to regain anything like the form he showed earlier in his career where he once held a 17-0 record, including becoming the UFC’s first ever winner of The Ultimate Fighter reality show.

At this stage there’s no word on who Sanchez will be facing next, or when he will return to the Octagon.


  1. Ok, How does he still have a contract with the UFC when he didnt win his last 5 fights or so. Ok, he is a brawler and Dana likes like that sort of thing but how long can the UFC keep a guy on that cant win a fight. Whats more strange is fightofthenight.com is reporting on what this guy is doing as if he would be relevant in any weight class.
    Got any articles on Phil Baroni or Bob Sapp that can go with this one? :)

  2. Well, he is still a very popular fighter among the crowd and his brawls are always entertaining to watch. You don’t always have to be a top 5 fighter to bring cash to the company as long as you go in and slug with your hands waist-high like a maniac.

  3. Well, I agree he throws like a maniac. That would be useful if his opponent was also an inexperienced maniac but it is never the case. He throws alot of punches, but the only problem is none of them land. He has absolutely no precision. His reflexes are slow as well, i.e. he walks into alot of shots. After taking several punches, he gets heated, and predictably rushes his opponent who is long gone on the other side of the octogan. I just think this guy needs to retire. His game is obsolete, he record is piss poor, and it doesn’t make sense for someone with his limited fighting abilities continue to endanger his health. Wtf is jumping weight classes going to do for him?


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