Duane Chapman, better known as ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ is currently involved in the hunt to find former Bellator fighter War Machine and is using every trick in the book to attempt to lure him out of hiding.

‘Dog’ vowed to track War Machine down after learning that he is wanted on suspicion of domestic battery, strangulation, lewdness, assault and coercion following an incident that’s also alleged to have involved porn star Christy Mack and former reality TV show contestant Corey Thomas.

Chapman is believed to be using contacts in the mixed martial arts community to help attempt to locate the fighter, but he’s also been using social media to contact him directly using taunts in what appears to be a co-ordinated attempt to flush him out of his hiding spot.

“ok #war machine you want a real fight this time not a girl the biggest match of your career in the street,” Chapman wrote on Twitter yesterday.

#war machine in front of your house 1on1 let’s do it !! ! Winner takes ALL !!

Meanwhile, ‘Dog’s’ son Leland Chapman, who also works as a bounty hunter alongside his father and has fought in MMA competition himself in the past, took a different approach to get a rise out of War Machine.

@ChristyMack hey since your ex-boyfriend @WarMachine170 will be in jail soon we should hangout sometime #MatchMadeInHeaven”

So far War Machine hasn’t risen to the bait though and despite having initially posted some messages on Twitter after the incident on Friday, he has fallen silent since Sunday, with his last Twitter post stating that, “One day the truth will come out.”

Coincidentally, in 2010 War Machine posted that, “If Dog The Bounty Hunter came to get me I’d beat his ass,” while commenting on an unrelated matter.

More disturbingly, in 2009 he wrote, “When I am ready to die I will kill many and I will then kill myself and I will tape it. It will be rad.

It’s believed that the search for War Machine is currently centered in San Diego where he is reported to have been living, but the fact that he hasn’t been caught yet has lead to fears that he may have bolted for the Mexican border (his mother is Mexican) to evade capture.


  1. And unfortunately, we know Dog isn’t going to Mexico. He got himself into an insane amount of trouble for bounty hunting down there.