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Doo Ho Choi Demolishes Sam Sicilia At UFC Fight Night 79

Doo Ho Choi delighted his South Korean fans at UFC Fight Night 79 with a swift finish against Sam Sicilia, showing extremely heavy hands as the two engaged in a stand-up battle early, dropping him twice en-route to a TKO finish.

Round One:

Choi tags Sicilia with a one-two to start. Leg kick from Sicilia. Choi blasts Sicilia with a punch and his legs buckle. He goes to the mat for a moment but gets back up.

Sicilia still coming forward and he tags Choi. They clinch up and Choi lands a big uppercut. Wild exchanges early!

They grapple for a moment then look to trade again. Choi hammers Sicilia with a big right then a left hook that floors him. Choi follows up with big ground and pound and Sicilia is done. Choi gets the TKO victory with just 1.33mins on the clock!

Big win here for Doo Ho Choi who very much lived up to the hype and his nickname, ‘The Korean Superboy’. This guy could be a much needed star for the Asian market.

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