Good grief, it appears that the UFC injury bug has now carried over to Strikeforce as Frank Mir has pulled out of his eagerly anticipated crossover fight with Daniel Cormier in November due to an undisclosed ailment.

There had been a lot of interest in this fight due to it marking the first time that a UFC fighter would have crossed the barrier to fight for Strikeforce while still under contract with the promotion.

The fact that it was a former champion like Mir who had just fought the current UFC title holder Junior Dos Santos, and that he was going to face the recent Strikeforce heavyweight tournament champ only made the event more special and it could have lead to some of the best ratings we’ve ever seen on the Showtime channel for an MMA event.

However, apparently it just wasn’t meant to be and at this stage it’s not clear how Zuffa intend to proceed from here.

There’s certainly still enough time for them to line up an opponent, but will it still be someone from the UFC roster, or given their own injury problems at the moment will Strikeforce be forced to look further afield for a suitable stand-in.

Given that, win or lose, Cormier will be shipped into the UFC’s roster after this fight I think it makes sense to still give him a current UFC fighter.  That way if he loses then it helps boosts the other fighter’s stature, while if Cormier wins it immediately helps set him up as a major player in the division.

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  1. A win over Frank Mir would mean nothing anyway. As much as I like him and route for him every single time, he looked embarrassing sloppy in his last fight against JDS. Due to his size increase over the years, he lost quite a bit of agility, and due to his new found love for striking, he leaves himself open for counter strikes which he doesn’t handle very well. There doesn’t seem much more to the Frank Mir legacy than what we have already witnessed.

  2. I agree that Mir’s days of fighting for the title are probably over, and like you say he has lost a few steps and his chin is dodgy, but he’s still better than a lot of the mid-level heavyweights out there.

    Don’t forget it wasn’t that long ago he took out Big Nog in impressive fashion (albeit Nog is past his sell-by date too) and he can comfortably get by the Roy Nelson’s and Cheick Kongo’s of the world.

    I still think this was a big fight for Strikeforce to have somone of his caliber on-board, and a good test for Cormier. It may not mean as much as it used to, but a win over Mir would have looked great on his CV.

    Let’s not forget that Strikeforce had originally intended to have him fight Tim Sylvia – now that’s a meaningless fight!

  3. Haha…yes Tim Sylvia would have been real pointless. I agree with the Big Nog/Roy Nelson reference but Cheik Kongo’s chin is also suspect. But a win is a win. And yea, guess we will have to wait what Frank Mir has left in him. I would love for him to go back to his JuJitsu game and drop about 30lbs for starters.

  4. It would be nice to see Mir just focus on being the most dangerous ground fighter in the division. I think his biggest problem is he’s not very good at getting the fight there – his wrestling’s always been a weak link.