Some time ago you may remember Ross Pearson claimed that George Sotiropoulos was knocked out by the UK fighter’s boxing coach in an off-screen encounter during a heated season of The Ultimate Fighter: UK Vs Australia last year.

Well, Sotiropoulos has finally spoken out for the first time about theĀ  incident in a statement to the MMAMania site after Pearson re-told his version of the story during an appearance on The MM Hour show.

“It’s time to set the record straight with Ross Pearson’s false statements.

There was no shortage of drama produced both on and off the set of TUF Smashes.

The incident he describes started with Team UK coach Erin Beach inviting me to fight and directing bold statements towards me on twitter. The following was a confrontation that ended with Beach unsuccessfully seeking refuge in a locked closet, followed with hiding behind a pregnant woman in the producers office.

At no stage was anyone knocked out, locked out or tapped out. Pearson was not present and did not witness the creative story he speaks of.

I’m bewildered as to why Pearson continues to talk about me four months after our fight. He continues to focus and obsess with great enthusiasm and is obviously thinking more about me than I am thinking about him. His problem not mine. If he seeks a rematch I’ll gladly oblige him sometime in the future.”

Pearson has since firmly denied the Aussie’s recollection of what went down, stating on Twitter that, “THIS IS BULLSH*T & HE KNOWS IT!!”


  1. Maybe in the rematch he will actually try to take Ross Pearson down and not try trading with him.