Anderson Silva’s camp have been singing from the rooftops about their desire to put together a fight with Georges St.Pierre, and it seems the Canadian champion might finally be warming to the idea.

That’s the word that filtered through today via GSP’s coach Firas Zahabi during an interview on Mauro Ranallo’s ‘MMA Show’ podcast.

“Georges St-Pierre told me he wants [to fight Anderson Silva],” Zahabi claimed. “But right now he has to get back on the horse and fight Carlos Condit and be champion again. He needs to keep focused.”

Part of the reason St.Pierre has been reluctant to agree to the fight in the past has been the size difference between himself and Silva, but Zahabi feels there’s solution that would be fair to both parties.

“Ideally I’d like a catch weight. I think it’d be more fair. If you fight at a catch weight, Silva won’t be 20 pounds heavier. 177 or 178 pounds is much more fair.”

It does sound like a reasonable request and given that there’s been hints from Silva’s camp recently that he could drop down in weight if neccessary it looks like it could be a goer.

As Zahabi notes though, for the time being GSP’s focus has to be on Condit as that’s by no means an easy fight for him, especially coming after a long layoff after a serious injury.