Gilbert Burns Defeats Gunnar Nelson By Decision At UFC Fight Night 160

Gilbert Burns showed his striking and ground skills tonight at UFC Fight Night 160 on his way to a decision victory over Gunnar Nelson.

Round One:

Nelson takes the center of the Octagon with his classic wide Karate stance. Leg kick from Burns is caught, but Nelson opts not to take him down from it.

Leg kick for Nelson. Now one from Burns. Left-right combo for Nelson. Double jab coming forward from Burns, but doesn’t connect.

Burns back to the leg kick. jab for Nelson. Now a quick right from Nelson and then trying for a hook behind it.

Head kick attempt from Burns is blocked. Low leg kick from Burns. Leg kick for Nelson. In close Burns lands a knee to the body.

Leg kick for Burns. Jab for Nelson. Leg kick again for Burns and Nelson has visble red marking to his calf and inner thigh.

Body kick for Burns now. Burns throws a punch to initiate a clinch against the cage. Trip takedown attempt from Burns, but it’s Nelson who ends up on top in the final seconds of the round. Nelson staying on his feet and lands a punch, but not attempting anything to risky against the BJJ ace as the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Burns to start the second. Right hand for him. Side kick to the body from Nelson. Again to the leg kick for Burns.

Now a low kick from Nelson that spins Burns around. Nelson moving forward now with a short flurry of punches and then clinches up against the cage as Burns misses a counter punch.

Nelson thinking about a single leg but then backs up. However, he goes quickly back into the cage clinch again.

Burns gets away from that position. Burns lands a leg kick and right hand before Nelson gets back into the clinch. Nelson with a knee attempt upstairs.

Again they break free and go back to striking range. Burns tries for a punch and Nelson gets a body lock and has his back now. However then Burns suddenly gets a hip toss and lands Nelson on his head.

They are back up and Burns lands a flying knee that forces Nelson going for a takedown.

Anaconda choke attempt from Burns here in the final minute of the round. Nelson defending well though. Nelson rolls to his back with Burns on top to end the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick from Burns. Side kick from Nelson. Burns coming in and Nelson gets the body lock. Now he’s settling for working the clinch against the cage.

Patient work from Nelson, but Burns manages to shrug him off and try for a punch. Nelson immediately back into the clinch against the cage looking for a takedown. Burns base is strong though.

Elbow strike from Burns as Nelson tries for a knee. Nelson back to the clinch. Back to striking range and Burns lands a right hook.

Right hand from Nelson. Knee from Burns. leg kick from Burns. Nelson with a leg kick. Kick from Burns just goes winging over Nelson’s head.

Low leg kick for Burns and Nelson goes back into the clinch at the cage. Knee to the leg from Nelson.

Now it’s Burns who reverses the position and then goes for a big takedown and lands it powerfully. Now Burns has Nelson’s back, but Nelson does a great job to scramble out and get back to his feet. Burns instantly on a takedown attempt then settles for the clinch in the final 10 seconds to take this to the judges.


Competitive fight then, but the bigger moments and harder shots were for Burns and he earns a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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