Glover Teixeira Outgrapples Jared Cannonier To Unanimous Decision Win At UFC 208

Glover Teixeira took advantage of his superior wrestling tonight at UFC 208 to get the better of Jared Cannonier by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Both men feeling out with punches, but not connecting yet. Straight right for Teixeira. Another right gets through Cannonier’s guard.

Cannonier trying to maintain distance, but Teixeira seizes on a single-leg and takes him down in the center of the Octagon.

Cannonier gets him in full guard and tries to push him away with his feet, but is unable to. Teixeira moves smoothly to half guard with over half the round remaining.

Cannonier props himself up, but Teixeira goes for the guillotine choke and drops back with it. It looks tight, but Cannonier eventually manages to reverse the position and get free.

Teixeira still able to keep on top though and working in half guard. Cannonier trying to improve his position, but Teixeira is able to move for full mount.

Cannonier Works him back from that and manages to stand up in the final seconds of the round, then unloads a hard knee to the body and several solid punches to the head.

Teixeira smiles, but his legs betray him and wobble a bit, showing that he’s hurt. Not enough time for Cannonier to fully capitalize on that though.

Round Two

Cannonier flicking out a few punches. Now a harder right hand that just grazes the Brazilian. Just as Cannonier is starting to put more mustard on his punches, Teixeira gets another single leg takedown with relative ease to bring his opponent back down close to the center of the cage.

Teixeira working a little ground and pound as they start to move closer to the cage. Teixeira turns to stop Cannonier getting his back to the cage.

Teixeira tried to trap one if his opponent’s arms, but that doesn’t work. Teixeira still working, but the referee for some reason decides to stand them up. Bad call.

This is good for Cannonier though and he lands a couple of punches as he tries to work his way back into the round on the feet. Solid left hand from him. Now a front kick upstairs.

Uppercut misses for Cannonier, but left hook behind it lands. Solid right hand for Teixeira. Now a powerful blow to the body in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Jabs for Teixeira and then a left hand. Cannonier looking to trade too, but Teixeira plays spoiler to his striking strategy by securing another takedown in the middle of the cage.

Teixeira working ground and pound from half guard. A blow from Cannonier cuts Teixeira’s face, but soon after he’s nicely able to transition to full mount.

Cannonier gives up his back and then soon after Teixeira moves back to full mount. Cannonier looks like he’s rolling to his front again, but then manages to shift back to half-guard.

Teixeira stays patient though and gets to full mount again. More of the same follows as Cannonier escapes the mount, then Teixeira works towards it again.

The Brazilian stays in control until the final seconds of the round when Cannonier finally gets to his feet, only to be greeted by a couple of final strikes from Teixeira.


No real question about the winner here with Teixeira able to outgrapple Cannonier for much of the three round fight and he claims a unanimous decision verdict from the three judges (30-27 x3).

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