Guido Cannetti Defeats Diego Rivas By Decision At UFC Fight Night 129

Guida Cannetti claimed a uunanimous decision victory over Diego Rivas tonight at UFC Fight Night 129.

Round One:

Cautious start as both men keep their distance and circle. Cannetti tries for a leg kick, but stumbles in the process and falls to the mat, only to immediately get back to his feet.

Rivas with a kick. Cannetti lunges in with a punch and they clinch up. Rivas presses Cannetti against the cage. Single-leg takedown for Rivas, but Cannetti counters that and gets back to his feet quickly, now pressing his opponent to the cage.

Rivas soon back in dominant position from the clinch, but Cannetti works a trip to end up in top in half-guard. Rivas brings him to full guard and then tries for an armbar. Cannetti slams him to the mat to escape the submission.

Cannetti moves to Rivas back as he sits up. Rivas opts to stand with Cannetti staying latched onto him and chipping away with punches to the head.

FInal 40 seconds with Cannetti still on Rivas’ back, but with one leg now on the ground. Rivas spins around and drives Cannetti into the cage. He tries for a late takedown, but it doesn’t pay off.

Round Two:

Hard body kick from Cannetti. Kick upstairs from Rivas, but he takes a kick to the groin at the same time and there’s a brief stoppage for him to recover.

Cannetti with a body kick, but Rivas catches it and goes for the takedown. However, there’s a scamble and it’s Cannetti who ends up on top.

Cannetti gets to half guard. Not to full guard again. Not too much happening as we approach the mid-way point of the second round and after an 45 seconds of that they get stood up.

Body kick for Cannetti. Another kick for Cannetti and this time Rivas catches it and lands the takedown. He isn’t able to keep him there though and Cannetti moves on top, only to be caught in a tight guillotine choke. Cannetti able to escape that troubling position and is back on top now.

Rivas looking for a leg lock, but Cannetti steers clear. They stand with Cannetti looking to work from the back clinch as the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Cannetti. now a body kick. Rivas with a punch. He lands a right hand and Cannetti buckled a little for a moment there, but recovers quickly.

Cannetti misses with a head kick and then a spinning kick upstairs for good measure. Rivas gets into the clinch against the cage. He lands a few short knees to the legs.

Cannetti tries for a trip and doesn’t get it. Rivas thinks about a guillotine choke then abandons it. Rivas stepping up his output, landing some solid knees and punches.

Now it’s Cannetti who drops down trying for a guillotine choke. Rivas patiently escapes and is now on top, but Cannetti manages to stand up.

Cannetti now bleeding significantly around his right eye. They separate and Rivas lands a body kick. Body kick for Cannetti and now one to the leg. He swings wildly with a punch afterwards that misses.

Rivas sizing up Cannetti from range as the crowd cheers him on. He’s hesitating though when he really needs to push forward. Strange tactics from him. He tries to land on the counter. Only 10 seconds left and Rivas unleashes a couple of right hands and a kick, but nothing to trouble his opponent.


Cannetti clearly had the edge here and earned himself a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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