Henry Cejudo Defeats Chris Cariaso By Decision At UFC 185

Henry Cejudo proved he’s the real deal tonight at UFC 185 with a comfortable unanimous decision victory over former flyweight title contender Chris Cariaso.

Round One:

Nice body kick from Cariaso to start the first round. He tries a leg kick and misses. Another body kick, but Cejudo counters with a punch this time.

Punch lands for Cariaso and Cejudo takes him down. Cariaso works to a knee and tries to stand, though not before eating a knee to the body from Cejudo.

They break apart and Cariaso lands another body kick. Cejudo lands a right that backs up Cariaso a little. Cejudo closes the distance into the clinch against the cage.

Cejudo looking for a potential takedown from the underhooks but opts to back away.

Cejudo pushing forward with a big punch and a kick behind it and is really pushing the pace here as he gets back to the clinch.

Cejudo works knees as he maintains dominant position in the clinch. Eventually he hoists Cariaso up and drops him to the mat. Cariaso manages to stand after about 30 seconds or so and reverse the clinch against the cage. Cejudo spins him around again though with a little less than a minute of the round remaining.

More nice short knee strikes from Cejudo and then they separate. Big body kick for Cariaso, but Cejudo is right back at him with more strikes and misses with a flashy kick as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Cejudo firing off a combination of punches to start the second. More punches flying now. Short combo sends Cariaso on his heels.

They clinch against the cage and Cejudo takes him down again with ease. Into half guard close to the cage. Cariaso trying to scramble and Cejudo takes his neck. Cariaso gets up though and they are back to the clinch.

Cariaso working a few knees with his back against the cage. Now it’s back to Cejudo landing knees. Cariaso has underhooks and reverses the position. They battle for position and then break free.

Cejudo with punches and Cariaso stumbles a little. Solid kick to the body from Cejudo and then another effortless takedown.

Cejudo working inside Cariaso’s guard and then passed nicely to half guard. He lands a couple of punches and then back into guard. He postures up to try to land punches and gets pushed off by Cariaso and that affords him an opportunity to stand.

Body kick from Cejudo. Cariaso comes forward with punches. Cejudo launches with a head kick that misses as the round concludes.

Round Three:

Cariaso with a flurry and Cejudo ducks under it and counters with an uppercut. Cariaso kicking and Cejudo catches one and uses it to take him down with plenty of time to work.

Cejudo in half guard and starts dropping down elbows to the head and body. Cariaso almost catches Cejudo off-guard with an upkick, but he resets and is back in half-guard.

Cariaso manages to gets back to full guard and then Cejudo decides to step away and stand. Cariaso with a slightly tired looking kick to the midsection. Another one now with a little more snap. And a third.

a fourth lands and then Cejudo responds with one of his own and immediately works into the clinch. They both battle for position against the cage, reversing the position several times before Cejudo gets his latest takedown.

Butterfly guard for Cariaso briefly. Cejudo now working a neck crank and hops into full mount with it. Uncomfortable position for Cariaso, but he gets out of it and again almost has some success with upkicks. Cejudo looking to settle back down on top with seconds to go, but Cariaso rolls and tries for a leg lock that Cejudo escapes just as the horn sounds.


Strong performance from Cejudo and as expected he gets the uanimous decision victory.

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