Holly Holm Knocks Out Ronda Rousey With Head Kick At UFC 193

Holly Holm just shocked the world by knocking out Ronda Rousey with a head kick at UFC 193 to become the new bantamweight champion of the world.

Round One:

The main event woman’s bantamweight title fight is underway after no touch of the gloves from Rousey. They cirlce each other and Rousey feels out with the jab.

Rousey looking to exchange, but Holm circles away. Short flurry from Holm and moves away slickly. Right hand lands for Rousey.

Leg kick for Holm and then a strong punch. Rousey continuing to give chase and lands a solid right hand. Rousey now into the clinch – dangerous for the challenger. Holm working punches from in close though.

They separate and as the exchange again Holm lands a kick and Rousey stumbles a bit. Lost her balance more than anything there.

Very nice counter punch from Holm. She’s clearly showing the better boxing here. Rousey gets to the clinch and muscles Holm to the mat. However, Holm does well to get back to her feet. That’s a big moment for her.

Holm with leg kicks. Rousey tries to clinch and lands uppercuts. Rousey chasing Holm, but eats a punch. Excellent accuracy for Holm. She lands a again and Rousey’s bleeding from her nose. The fight just isn’t going according to plan for her so far and her naturally aggressive style is just leading her into more trouble.

Rousey finally lands a solid shot that knocks Holm’s mouthpiece out. Rousey breathing heavy as the ref stops the fight for a moment to retrieve it.

Wow, HOlm clinches up and takes Rousey to the mat, though she wisely gets back to her feet quickly. Rousey almost literally running to try to catch up with Holm and land something. She needs to say more composed and be careful not to gas out there.


Round Two:

Short flurry of punches from Holm. Side kick from the challenger. This is like a matador to a bull now as Holm picks Rousey apart and moves out of the way. Great stuff and Rousey is getting increasingly desperate. She’s stubbornly trying to prove herself as a stand-up fighter here, but she needs to get this fight to the mat as this is Holly Holm’s world right now.

Piston like straight left from Holm and Rousey is dazed and almost drops to the mat. She stand up and Holm clatters her with a perfect head kick, dropping her hard! Rousey is out cold even before the follows up strikes on the ground land! The fight is over, Holm just KO’d Rousey at 0.59mins of the second round!!

Unbelievable stuff, one of the biggest upsets of all time and the truth is that from start to finish this was Holly Holm’s fight. She just beat all the odds and derailed the Rousey hype train in absolutely spectacular, jaw-dropping fashion.

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