Holly Holm’s UFC Debut May Come Against Milana Dudieva At UFC 181

Former boxing champion Holly Holm’s eagerly anticipated UFC debut may take place at UFC 181 on December 6th according to the UFC Tonight show.

While nothing is set in stone yet, the UFC is currently eyeing up a potential match-up with Milana Dudieva for 32 year-old.

Holm has been earmarked as one of the biggest potential threats to current champion Ronda Rousey’s title thanks to her perfect 7-0 MMA record which comes off the back of a decorated boxing career that saw her become an 18 time world champion spread out across three different weight-classes, compiling an overall 33-2-3 record along the way.

The fact that the UFC are looking to make her debut against Dudieva shows that they are not looking to rush their potential star in the making into title contention though.

That’s not to say Dudieva is a pushover though – she recently won her UFC debut by split decision against Elizabeth Phillips and holds an overall 11-3 record, but is currently unranked in the 135lb division.

Holm had herself indicated previously that she hoped to get a few fights under her belt in the Octagon before looking to fight the current dominant champion in woman’s MMA and that seems like a wise decision.

It should be noted that while Dudieva seems to be the UFC’s first choice here, another name potentially under consideration is Raquel Pennington who’s currently 1-1 in the UFC and ranked one place above Holm at No.14 in the division.

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