Jake Ellenberger Taps Josh Koscheck With Choke At UFC 184

Jake Ellenberger claimed his first ever submission win tonight as he tapped out Josh Koscheck with a north south choke at UFC 184.

Round One:

Koscheck firing out the jab early and Ellenberger responds in kind. Ellenberger with more jabs and then misses with a big right.

Ellenberger lands a right and a jab. Suddenly Koscheck swoops in and drives to a takedown. Ellenberger up against the cage and manages to stand with Koscheck still pushing into him. He’d like to take him right back down, but Ellenberger resists.

Foot stomps for Koscheck now. He lands a knee to the leg and continues to pressure Ellenberger into the cage. Finally Ellenberger is able to move out and away. koscheck loads up on a punch, but misses.

Ellenberger taking the center of the cage now. He lands a right that Koscheck certainly took notice off. A few jabs and Koscheck tries a takedown that’s stuffed. Ellenberger clips him with another punch. Koscheck responds with a spinning kick attempt.

Another solid punch connects for Ellenberger and Koscheck seems a little frustrated. He’s backing up quite a bit now as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Koscheck immdiately driving for a takedown. He’s got Ellenberger up against the cage and continues pushing to get this fight to the mat, but is unsuccessful. He continues to press him anyway. With the action stalling the ref separates them.

Ellenberger lands a nice right hand counter. Koscheck breathing a little heavy and he keeps swatting at his left eye as if something’s wrong there. Ellenberger remaining relatively cautious though and picking his shots.

Ellenberger tags him a few times and Koscheck lands a punch of his own. Still wiping at that eye though. Ellenberger with a short flurry. Koscheck driving in on a takedown, but again no joy.

Koscheck still trying for a takedown and his neck is exposed so Ellenberger suddenly seizes it and drags him to the mat. He’s really going all in on a north south choke, but Koscheck is struggling very hard to break free any way he can.

It’s not to be though and Koscheck ends up literally foaming at the mouth as he weakly taps out to stop from going unconscious with 4.20mins of the second round gone.

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