Jason Mayhem Miller Arrested Outside Bar (Video)

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is in trouble with the law again as footage has emerged of him being arrested outside ‘The White House’ bar in Laguna Beach in California.

It’s unclear at this stage why the former MMA fighter was being arrested, but the aftermath was caught on camera and shows a clearly agitated ‘Mayhem’ struggling with police as they try to get him into a waiting van.

It ends up taking several minutes to do so, and when they finally succeed a cheer emerges from the crowd of people watching.

While always a colorful character, ‘Mayhem’s’ behavior has become increasingly erratic since retiring from MMA in 2012 and he’s been arrested on multiple occasions, most recently in October of last year when he became embroiled in a stand-off with a SWAT team at his home in relation to stalking and domestic violence allegations.

Check out the video of ‘Mayhem’s’ latest arrest below and scroll down to listen to the premiere episode of his new ‘Morning In America’ podcast which aired just two days before this incident.


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