Believe it or not Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller once again finds himself in a jail cell after being arrest for corporal injury of a spouse.

‘Corporal injury’ is the language used in a domestic abuse incident and infers willful violence and the charge suggests that there were physical marks left on his victim.

This latest incident follows on from his previous arrest for domestic violence just two weeks ago. On that occasion his girlfriend was the alleged victim and he was handed over to his parents after they stumped up for the $50,000 bail.

No further details are available regarding the case at this moment in time other than the fact that his bail is again set at $50,000.

If found guilty it’s difficult to see how the former fighter is going to avoid a prison sentence, especially when you factor in that he was also arrested last year after being found naked in a church which he’d apparently broken into and defaced.

He got off with it on that occasion, but his antics appear to finally be catching up with him. It seems pretty clear at this stage that ‘Mayhem’ has some serious mental issues so hopefully one way or another he’s able to get the help he needs.