Jason Witt Defeats Bryan Barberena By Majority Decision At UFC On ESPN 28

Jason Witt got the better of Bryan Barberena in a potential ‘Fight Of The Night’ battle tonight at UFC On ESPN 28.

Round One:

Cautious start from both men as Witt takes the center of the Octagon and eventually lands a body kick. Left hand for Barberena. Now a grazing right hook from him.

Body punch for Witt. Solid body kick now from Witt and then soon after he drives into a takedown and lands it nicely.

Witt in half-guard parallel to the cage and landing a few punches and an elbow. Barberena chipping away at the body from his back. Now he’s looking to stand against the cage, though Witt is staying heavy on him to prevent him getting up from his knees.

Barberena does manage to stand and he clips Witt with a nice hook that seemed to wobble him for a split-second.

Another punch lands for Barberena. He comes up just short with a front kick upstairs. Witt keeping at distance here and then as Barberena throws a punch, he ducks under it and lands a takedown in the center of the Octagon and stays on top to end the round.

Round Two:

Body kick for Witt that comes off the arm. They exchange punches and Barberena catches Witt with an uppercut. Another exchange and both land, but Barberena’s connected harder.

Glancing right hand for Barberena. Missed body kick from Witt and gets caught with a punch for his troubles.

Witt attempts a takedown and Barberena escapes that one and looks to continue to apply pressure on the feet.

Barberena lands a hook, but gets caught by a punch in return that sits him down for a moment, but he pops right back up and lands a glancing hook.

Witt times another nice takedown. He passes to half-guard, but soon after Barberena is able to work back upright.

Barberena punches to the body. Body kick from Barberena, but then Witt lands a counter punch that drops him. Barberena standing, but Witt goes for a guillotine and drops back with it.

Barberena has to tough it out, but finally manages to escape that attempt and get back to his feet. Witt immediately looking to land on the feet.

Barberena lands a punch. Undeterred, Witt comes forward and lands a nice combination with a kick behind it. Now he’s in on a takedown and again lands it to ride out the remaining seconds of the round on top.

Round Three:

Both men land a punch apiece at the same time. Head kick attempt from Witt. Barberena likely needs a finish here, but he’s being a bit hesitant as he looks to land that one big punch.

Witt connects. In close they let their hands fly and Barberena connects on a right hook that wobbles Witt. Witt looks troubled and Barberena marches forward throwing more punches, but then appears to clash head and that stops him in his tracks momentarily.

Witt getting his bearings and starts to work for a takedown again. He gets him down again and that’s a big moment for him at this stage in the fight.

However, Barberena is able to stand back up. They start swinging and Barberena hurts Witt again. Witt on his knees and Barberena is standing over him and lands to the head again.

Witt in survival mode here and manages to get his opponent down. Witt would like to stay here, but Barberena has other ideas and uses a kimura to sweep and stand back up.

Barberena looking tired but still swinging and he dislodges Witt’s mouthpiece with a big punch. Witt backs off a little unsteadily and tries to pick up his mouthpiece, but Barberena follows him and tries to tee off as he’s doing so.

Witt eats a few punches, but then Barberena stumbles to the mat and that takes the heat out of that intense finale, so we’re headed to the judges scorecards.


Great fight then, particularly in that crazy final round, but in the end it’s Witt’s work in the earlier rounds that helps him win by majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-28).

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