What a great fight between Jeremy Stephens and Dennis Bermudez tonight at UFC 189 tonight, hurting each other numerous times before Stephens finally emerged victorious by way of a perfectly timed knee that led to the third round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Bermudez in on an early takedown attempt, but has to settle for a clinch against the cage, though he’s quickly pushed away by Stpehens.

Bermudez moving in to exchange, but there’s a clash of heads and he almost falls to the mat, but tries to work it into a takedown attempt. That doesn’t pay off, but he’s back upright.

Bermudez lands a nice punch that hurts Stephens. Stephens has a significant cut to his right eye, probably from the earlier clash of heads. Bermudez clinching up against the cage and landing some solid knees to the legs of his opponent. He drops down for a double and gets it.

Bermudez trying to pass his guard and ends up almost in back mount with both men in a slightly awkward position against the cage. Beremudez lands ground and pound strikes.

Bermudez too high on Stephens now and he gets shunted off and it’s not long before they are back to their feet.

They get right into a striking exchange with both men winging punches at each other. Then Bermudez shunts into a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed by Stephens and they clinch against the cage. Stephens face sporting a lot of blood from that earlier cut to the eye.

Bermudez continuing to pressure Stephens and landing a few strikes from the clinch. They break away and look to exchange just as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Big leg kick from Stephens buckles Bermudez for a split second. He looks for the kick again. Bermudez looking to fire off offense, but a punch seems to buckle him and he reaches for a takedown attempt on the mat. Back up again though and having to endure more offense from Stephens. Both men are gritty competitors without a doubt.

Stephens landing that hard kick again. Another kick and Bermudez leg gives out on him. He’s back up, but that’s a weak spot for him now.

Good connection on a punch from Bermudez. Another hard kick for Stephens clearly hurts. Bermudez with a push kick to the midsection that knocks Stephens off-balance.

Tons of action in this fight! Superman punch from Bermudez drops Stephens, but not for long.

Nice combination of strikes from Bermudez. He goes in on a takedown attempt, but settles for running Stephens up against the cage. He lands a knee, but stephens then lands one of his own as he breaks away. Bermudez looks to clinch as the round comes a close.

Round Three:

A few punches and a kick from Bermudez. Mid-kick for Stephens. Bermudez with a leg kick. Suddenly a big knee from Stephens that’s timed to perfection as Bermudez comes in and sends him crashing to the mat. He blitzes Bermudez with ground and pound on the mat, and that’s it, he’s secured a TKO victory at 32 seconds of the third round.

That was a bout well worthy of ‘Fight Of The Night’ honors with thrills and spills all over the place, and that knee at the end from Stephens was picture perfect.