Jessica Andrade TKO’s Mackenzie Dern In 2nd Round At UFC 295

Jessica Andrade shook off a three-fight losing streak in style tonight at UFC 295 as she dropped Mackenzie Dern multiple times on her way to a second round TKO victory.

Round One:

Dern with an early inside leg kick. She lands another. Dern pumping out the jab too to maintain distance. Missed strike now and as they get in close Dern goes for a head lock throw, but Andrade pops straight back up again.

Leg kick for Dern. Now a calf kick from Andrade. Calf kick for Dern. Lots of circling from Dern. Leg kick for Andrade.

Inside leg kick from Dern and an outside one from Andrade. Missed punches from Andrade and a calf kick again from Andrade. Now a low kick on the inside from Andrade.

Dern lands punches and a knee. Now an inside leg kick from Andrade. Body kick from Dern is almost caught by Adrade.

Couple of big punches down the pipe land from Dern as she plows forward, but Andrade then lands a counter that knocks Dern off-balance to her knees momentarily.

Outside and inside leg kicks from Andrade. Dern wades forward with punches again and Andrade is attempting to counter.

calf kick for Andrade. Double jab from Dern. Punch and then a single-leg attempt from Dern, but Andrade stays upright and breaks away from Dern’s attempts to stay in the clinch. Now it’s Andrade who is applying pressure late in the round and a single punch from her drops Dern, though she survives the few remaining seconds of the round.

Round Two:

One-two for Dern. calf kick for Andrade. Straight right lands for Dern and andrade lands a counter. Leg kick for Andrade.

Inside leg kick for Andrade. Jab for Dern. Dern misses a couple of punches and then thinks about the clinch, then goes back to striking range.

Another calf kick from Andrade. A couple of jabs from Dern. Hooks land for Andrade now. Straight punches connect too.

Now it’s a series of straight punches connecting for Dern though. One-two for her. calf kick from Andrade. Now a kick on the other side and a left hook lands that drops Dern!

Andrade doesn’t pursue her on the mat and instead waves her back up. Andrade back on the attack on the feet and lands a flurry of punches.

Dern biting down on her mouthpiece as she looks to fire back, but then Andrade catches her with a clean hook that puts her down again.

Dern gets back up but she’s still rocked, bleeding from the nose and in big trouble here as Andrade hunts her down and unleashes another big hook followed by a straight to put her down one final time for the TKO finish at 3.15mins of the second round.

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