Joanna Jedrzejczyk Defeats Tecia Torres By Unanimous Decision At UFC On FOX 30

Joanna Jedrzejczyk got back to winning ways tonight at UFC On FOX 30 with a unanimous decision victory over Tecia Torres.

Round One:

Torres taking the center of the Octagon. Nice straight right lands for Jedrzejczyk. She feels out with the jab. Another jab as Torres tries to stalk her.

Punch lands for Torres and then into the clinch against the cage. Knees exchanged. A couple of good ones connect to the body from Jedrzejczyk as Torres continues to press her into the cage.

Now Jedrzejczyk reverses position nicely. Torres manages to get the advantageous position in the clinch though. Jedrzejczyk continuing to work knees where possible. Now she reverses again, driving Torres into the cage. Torres drives to do the same reversal, but nothing doing.

Knee to the leg from JJ. Not neccessarily the fight Jedrzejczyk wanted, but she’s doing a solid job from here so far. That being said, after landing a knee Torres reverses. Final seconds of the round and Torres is working hard to get a single-leg, but Jedrzejczyk shows very good balance to remain upright until the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Crisp one-two from Jedrzejczyk. Leg kicks from Torres and an attempt upstairs. Leg kick for Jedrzejczyk. Another couple land.

Jedrzejczyk pumps out the jab. Now another leg kick inside. Body punch for JJ. She fires off the jab and then connects with a right hand, while Torres also connects with a punch.

left hand gets through for Torres and a kick. A couple of punches and a body kick for Jedrzejczyk. Now a straight right. Body punch for JJ.

Torres in on a takedown attempt. JJ defending well. Torres continuing to work hard for this, but Jedrzejczyk is doing a really good job stuffing it and then briefly reverses the clinch, before Torres gains control again. Shortly afterwards they separate again.

Torres landing leg kicks from range. Torres struggling to get inside to land her own. Push kick from Jedrzejczyk to keep Torres at bay.

Nice left hand for Jedrzejczyk. Head kick attempt just misses. Torres comes in with a kick and there’s a big exchange of strikes. Torres landing cleanly there with multiple punches to the head and Jedrzejczyk definitely felt that and reaches for the clinch to ride out the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

leg kick for Torres. Straight punches down the pipe from Jedrzejczyk. Push kick for the former champ. Another push kick lands after a head kick misses.

Good body kick for Jedrzejczyk. Torres throwing hands, but Jedrzejczyk catches her on the counter with her own offense. Leg kicks for Torres, but Jedrzejczyk lands a hard right hand.

Leg kick for JJ and one for Torres. Body punch for Jedrzejczyk. leg kick for JJ and a punch lands for Torres. Kick attempt from Torres but Jedrzejczyk lands a good counter punch. Another right hand lands for JJ.

Body kick for Jedrzejczyk. Torres into the clinch against the cage hoping for a takedown. Knees from Jedrzejczyk with her back to the cage.

Torres backs up and lands a right hand as Jedrzejczyk also lets her hands go. Push kick for Jedrzejczyk. left hand for Jedrzejczyk, but Torres then lands a takedown. Jedrzejczyk immediately back up. Torres pressing her to the cage, but Jedrzejczyk reverses. Both fighters jockeying for position against the cage and Torres wins the battle. Final seconds of the round and JJ tries to lands a few last strikes inside.


Torres gave the former champion a hard fight there, but in the end it’s Jedrzejczyk who earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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