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Jon Jones KO’s Alexander Gustafsson In Third Round Of Rematch At UFC 232

Jon Jones reclaimed his light-heavyweight title tonight at UFC 232 with a third round KO stoppage of Alexander Gustafsson.

Round One:

The main event light-heavyweight title fight is underway in California.

Jones immediately looks for a takedown attempt, but Gustafsson defends. Jones soon back into the clinch, but he lands a knee close to the groin that forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go. leg kick for Gustafsson. Right hook for Jones. Inside leg kick for Jones. Knee from Gustafsson in close.

Leg kick for Gustafsson and one in return from Jones. Short flurry of punches in close. Body punch from Jones.

Gustafsson pressing forward, but Jones keeps out of range. Elbow from Jones and then another that lands clean. Front kick to the body from Jones.

Low leg kick for Jones. Jones into the clinch, but Gustafsson sepearates. Leg kick for Gustafsson. Push kick for JOnes. Now an oblique kick.

Kick from Gustafsson which Jones catches and looks for the takedown. He almost gets the single leg, but instead lands a knee to the body.

They break apart again. Superman punch from Gustafsson and short punches behind it. Leg kick from Gustafsson.

Right hand from Gustafsson but Jones was already moving away. Jones with a low kick. Body kick from Jones after a lull in the action and that’s the final action of the round.

Round Two:

Push ick for Jones. Right hand for Gustafsson. Front kick from Jones and then a leg kick. Body punch from Jones. Big swing and a miss on the hook from Jones.

Jones in on a takedown attempt but it’s very good defense from Gustafsson here and again Jones has to settle for just a knee and then back out.

Gustafsson just misses with an uppercut. Right hand lands though and then pumping the jab. Good body kick from Jones.

Body punch from Jones. Jones gets poked in the eye by an extended hand and that forces a stoppage.

Leg kicks from Jones. Gustafsson starts to let his hands go and connects. Body kick for Jones. leg kick. Another lands and Gustafsson comes up short with a spinning elbow.

Another leg kick for Jones. Right hand for Gustafsson. He throws again but comes up short. Oblique kick for Jones.

Gustafsson with a body punch and Jones lands a counter. Gustafsson misses only just with a hook. Jones with a nice leg kick.

Gustafsson continuing to press forward and Jones clinches up. They soon break free. Jones with another nice leg kick. High kick attempt from Jones. Another leg kick.

Jones with a good uppercut to the chin. Right hook from Gustafsson. oblique kick for Jones. Jab for Jones now as Gustafsson also looks for the same technique.

Brief clinch and Jones lands an elbow as he backs out. Jones thinks about a spinning technique but aborts it, only to then throw another and lands with a spinning back kick to the body to end the round.

Round Three:

Good left hook lands for Jones to start the third. Jab lands for Jones. Jones in on a takedown and he lands it for the first time in the fight and lands in the center of the Octagon.

Jones with elbows. He’s working from half guard here. Gustafsson looking to scramble out, but Jones is tight on top and then slickly moves into side control.

He thinks about the crucifix, but then manages to take his back instead. Jones then starts dropping down bombs on Gustafsson, who quickly just opts to cover up face down on the mat as punches land until the ref opts to wave off the fight at 2.02mins of the third round leading to a KO victory for Jones.

So Jones is back once more on the throne as the light-heavyweight champion and despite his lack of fights in the cage in recent times it was still a more convincing performance than his previous fight with Gustafsson over five years ago.

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