Last week current UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier revealed that he plans to take some time off after his recent title defense against Alexander Gustafsson, and former title holder Jon Jones has now reacted to that news with a message to his rival.

“Take as much time as you want, the fire inside of me won’t be dying down anytime soon. #AndStill,” Jones wrote on his Twitter account.

Jones already defeated Cormier by unanimous decision back in January of this year, but was then stripped of his title following a hit-and-run incident a few months later.

‘Bones’ has since had to watch from the sidelines as ‘DC’ then won and defended the vacant belt, but he’s now starting to get his life back on track, managing to avoid jail time as a result of his actions and getting glowing reports from the community service programs he’s been participating in as part of his suspended sentence.

Recent video footage has shown Jones working hard in the gym with an emphasis on building strength and muscle mass via weight training and it’s clear the 28 year-old fully intends to return to the sport quite literally bigger and better than ever, pending his suspension being lifted by the UFC.

With that in mind all signs point to a rematch between the two taking place at some stage in 2016, though exactly when appears to hinge on how long Cormier intends to rest-up.