Former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones has declared his Jackson’s MMA team-mate Holly Holm the greatest female fighter in combat sports history after her remarkable upset win over Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 this past weekend in Australia.

Jones cited the fact that Holm has successfully transitioned from being a decorated boxing champion to becoming an MMA title holder at the highest level, something that’s never been done before, as the reason he belives she’s the greatest of all time.

However, ‘Bones’ says that it’s Holm’s character that really sets her apart from everyone else, stating that she’s, “the most classy and down to earth athlete I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around.”

Read Jones full statement on social media about the champion below.

“In my opinion Holly Holm is already the G.O.A.T. of women’s combat sports. She was considered the greatest female boxer to ever compete in the sport and now she has defeated the greatest female mixed martial arts fighter to date. Her accolades are absolutely unheard of, but that’s not what makes me such a fan of Holly. It’s the way she carries herself outside of the bright lights and the arenas.
I know the MMA community doesn’t really know Holly yet, so let me be the first to tell you. She is the most classy and down to earth athlete I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. She is the long time pride of Albuquerque, New Mexico not only because the way she competes, but the way she treats each and every individual that has the opportunity of meeting her. This actually can be a problem at times, a simple trip for a gallon of milk to the grocery store could take her an easy 45 minutes and she doesn’t even mind haha. If you’re impressed by Holly’s talent, wait until you get an understanding of what type of character she possesses, it is truly world class. She is a role model that you would love to have your daughters look up to. I’m so honored to be able to call her a teammate and most importantly a friend.
Congratulations again, Champ and keep kicking ass at life. Jackson’s Martial Arts & Fitness Academy Westside UFC.”

Meanwhile, another former champion, Anderson Silva, took to social media to send a message of support to Ronda Rousey after her devastating defeat.

Silva, who’s uniquely positioned to offer advice, having also reached the very peak of the sport before having his historic undefeated run abruptly ended by KO against Chris Weidman in 2013, offered words of encouragement to the former bantamweight champion, reminding her that the greatest victory is to rise back up after you fall down.

Read Silva’s full message below.

“Our biggest glory doesnt lives in the fact of never fall down, But In the fact of we always stand up after each fall. With determination, You will over come this bad time. I know very well how It is. You are a great athlet and transcend the MMA world. My kids love You. So, dont forget: To fall Makes us stronger To stand up. You deserve the best of this world. Nobody is forever. All of us lost And To lose make us stronger. So, I wish You peace And lots of patience. Hold this experience with inteligence And dont blame yourself. You had a big lesson Of this Sport. With class You will transform this hapeness In something better To your Personal And professional life, because the world was made for people like You, a winner. Stand up your head, girl. You are a great champion of life And a inspiration for all world. Dont forget, we Love You!”