Jon Jones Still Planning To Fight At Heavyweight

If things go his way in his next two fights, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones has indicated that he’d be willing to entertain the idea of ‘superfights’ in the heavyweight division.

Jones is currently set to face former heavyweight Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 on January 3rd in Las Vegas. If he wins that fight then next up looks like being the winner of the Alexander Gustafsson Vs Anthony Johnson fight later that month.

“[If I win] Those two fights, I would consider the division clear, and that’s when I would start to entertain superfights,” Jones stated at yesterday’s special press conference in Las Vegas. “Superfights I would go for. I’ve been training with heavyweights for years now. I know what it feels like, and I think I would do really good against them. So that would be the next chapter.

“There are definitely a lot of heavyweights that I know I would beat. A lot of heavyweights that could give me a hell of a run or possibly beat me. I keep it real, I’m smaller than these guys.”

Jones has clearly been giving the idea some thought and has come to the conclusion that the heavyweight division’s next title contender Fabricio Werdum is someone he could match-up well with, though he admits there’s others that could give him problems.

“A guy like Werdum, I would fight him every day, all day,” Jones said. “Why? Because he’s not the biggest guy. But the heavyweights I believe would give me the hardest time are the big ones. Not necessarily the better skilled ones, just the bigger ones. You shoot in and they sprawl out on you, that’s going to take a lot of energy to finish that shot.”

One ‘superfight’ the champ is not interested in however is with Anderson Silva, saying that he has too much respect for the Brazilian superstar to want to beat him in the Octagon.


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