Even with his return to the UFC just around the corner at UFC 197, former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones just can’t seem to stop getting in trouble with the law.

The latest incident saw him being cited for no less than five driving violations, including drag racing, failure to maintain a traffic lane, equipment modifications and having an unreadable license plate.

Jones became irate with the officer, calling him a “f*cking’ liar” and “a pig” after being stopped, with his foul-mouthed tirade being recorded on the policeman’s body cam and later released to the public (See below).

Jones later apologized for the way he treated the officer, though he continued to deny he had done anything wrong.

“I was not drag racing nor was I speeding,” Jones said in a statement. “I did not get a speeding ticket. I was driving within the speed limit of the 35mph zone,” Jones explained in a statement. “I feel that police used a technicality to ticket me for drag racing, for simply revving my engine and acknowledging some of my local fans. I regrettably said words to the police officer out of frustration, for which I apologize for, but I do feel this was excessive.”

Jones’ protestations of innocence are hard to swallow given that almost a year ago he crashed a rental vehicle in Alberquerque and then fled the scene, later pleading guilty to a felony charge of leaving the scene of a crime.

The UFC star was stripped of his title and suspended after the incident, which came just a few months after Jones had tested positive for cocaine during a pre-fight drugs test, but after his hit-and-run court case resulted in supervised probation he vowed to turn his life around.

However, just a few weeks ago Jones was cited for driving without a license, registration or proof of insurance, and this latest incident will no doubt lead to further questions about Jones conduct and state of mind heading into his comeback title fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 next month.

Check out the body-cam footage of Jones latest run-in with the law below.