Jon Jones Taunts Alexander Gustafsson After Loss; Anthony Johnson Responds

In the aftermath of Alexander Gustafsson’s first round TKO defeat to Anthony Johnson on Saturday night light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones couldn’t resist taking a verbal jab at his former foe.

“Not impressed Alex,” Jones wrote post-fight on Twitter, though he later deleted the message.

Apparently the long-reigning champion isn’t opting to keep a low profile despite coming under-fire lately after testing positive positive for cocaine, though he did try to justify why he felt the need to give the distraught Gustafsson his two cents worth after the fight.

“It’s exactly what he did to me after my DC fight,” Jones told a fan on Twitter.

That’s true – after Jones’ win against Cormier at UFC 182 on January 3rd the Swedish fighter wrote, “Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, I am not impressed by your performance!”

In the middle of all this was ‘Rumble’ Johnson who, unlike Jones, showed genuine sympathy for the man he’d just defeated in front of over 26,000 Swedish fans in Stockholm.

“”Alex had a goal, and I felt really bad,” Johnson told the media. “I saw him crying, and I know how it is when you have a goal and something like this gets in the way,” Johnson said about trying to console his opponent. “I guess I’m human. I just felt bad. He didn’t reach his goal tonight, but I’m sure he will be back 10 times stronger on his next go around.”

He also made it clear he didn’t like what Jones had said to ‘The Mauler’.

“This world is screwed up in my opinion,” Johnson said. “When somebody is down, people always want to step on you and keep you down. Nobody really wants to help you up…. Jon is who he is. He’s got bigger things to worry about than Alex.”


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