Jon Jones has been speaking to about his upcoming fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 on September 22nd.

In Belfort he’s facing another former champion, but despite his long list of accomplishments Jones actually feels he’s already surpassed the Brazilian in terms of the level of competition he’s faced.

“I really believe that in my short career I’ve already fought a lot tougher opponents than he has. I feel like I have more championship caliber fights than he has. I’m ready.”

While being able to fight another well known fighters in the sports history is a motivation in itself, Jones says that what’s most exciting about this fight is testing himself against Belfort’s striking style.

“I’m just really excited to fight Vitor Belfort – mainly because he’s a southpaw. Last time I fought a southpaw was Lyoto and I got punched pretty good and I’m really just anxious to do a better job against another dangerous southpaw and to look better than I did before against Lyoto.”

From the sounds of things Jones isn’t too concerned about what Belfort brings to the table, feeling that he is the more well-rounded fighter of the two.

“He’s a boxer / jiu-jitsu fighter. I think his versatility is not as good as mine, but where he lacks versatility he does have experience and physical strength.”

Finally, Jones predicts that fans are in for a treat when he squares off against Belfort in Toronto in just a couple of weeks time.

“He’s a winner, I’m a winner. I’m a dominant guy, I believe I dominate a lot of my competition. It’s going to be magnificent, a magnificent display of martial arts.”