Jorge Masvidal Disappointed By Al Iaquinta Match-up

Jorge Masvidal is set to fight Al Iaquinta next at UFC Fight Night 63 in April and he’s not exactly happy about it.

“He’s taking a couple steps up and I’m taking a few steps back,” is Masvidal’s assessment of his latest assignment in the Octagon in a recent interview on MMAJunkieRadio. “The kid’s talented and all, but I’ve got no business fighting this guy, you know? People are making a big deal because he beat Joe Lauzon. Welcome to the club, man. I kicked that dude’s ass eight years ago.”

There’s no doubt that former Strikeforce fighter Masvidal is the more established and experienced of the two fighters, but their recent records are similar with both currently on a three-fight winning streak leaving Masvidal ranked No.13 at 155lbs, while Iaquinta is currently No.15.

Still, Masvidal feels his higher profile should have earned him a fight with a bigger name by now.

“Everybody from Strikeforce coming over got a marquee matchup,” Masvidal said. “Everybody from the bottom feeders to the decent guys to the A-level guys. And, maybe I wasn’t a champ – I fought for the title, wasn’t a champ – but I wasn’t a bottom feeder. I thought I should have gotten a marquee matchup long ago. I’m seven fights in now and I’m still fighting dudes who I don’t even know who the f*ck he is. I’ve never seen this dude fight in my life.”

However, Masvidal does see an upside to his current situation.

“It’s easy paychecks. I ain’t complaining because it’s keeping food on the table. But it’s just not the competition I’m looking for.”

Nevertheless, with Iaquinta having six wins in his last seven fights and improving each time he enters the Octagon, Masvidal would be wise not to overlook his upcoming opponent.


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