Jorge Masvidal made a successful start to his stint in the UFC’s welterweight division tonight at the TUF 21 Finale as he produced a KO finish against Cezar ‘Mutante’ Ferreira despite coming off second best earlier in the round.

Round One:

Leg kick for Mutante who has a distinct size advantage in this fight. Now a body kick that Masvidal almost catches. Left hand and now another body kick from the Brazilian.

Masvidal trying to feel his way into this fight and find his range. Before he can do so though, Mutante moves in on a takeodwn and gets it. He’s in half guard for now. Scramble from Masvidal and he gets up and out of danger.

Masvidal pressing forward now looking to let his hands go. Mutante with a kick though and Masvidal tries to trip him, but it doesn’t pay off.

High kick attempt from Mutante is blocked. Front kick to the face just misses. Right hand gets through for Masvidal. He lands a front kick too.

Mutante with a few punches upstairs to set up a takedown, but has to settle for the clinch against the cage. 90 seconds in the round remaining and Mutante lands a good elbow before they break apart.

Mutante bundles into the clinch again. Masvidal gets the thai clinch and uddenly unloads an elbow that buckles Mutante’s legs and then another elbow that ensures the Brazilian is heading to the mat. Masvidal follows him down and lands a solid series of punches that all find their mark, giving Mutante absolutely no time to recover and that’s it, ‘Gamebred’ gets the KO finish at 4.22mins of the first round in his first fight at welterweight!