Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez II Probably Won’t Be Going Down At UFC 152

At Saturday’s UFC 147 event Dana White confirmed that the heavyweight title rematch between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez is unlikely to be happening at UFC 152 on September 22nd in Toronto as had originally been planned.

“Yes, that fight will happen,” White confirmed to Fuel TV before admitting that, “I don’t know when and I don’t know where. That is going to depend on Junior. The fight will happen, but probably not in Toronto.”

There had been a rumor that Velasquez had broken his hand which was going to delay the rematch, but that’s never been confirmed and if White is to believed then it’s actually Dos Santos that’s causing the hold-up, though there’s no indication of why this might be.

Hopefully it won’t be delayed too long. Dos Santos was in attendance at UFC 147 on Saturday night and he certainly got a very warm welcome indeed from the Brazilian fans so perhaps the organization’s planned return to Rio, Brazil in October for UFC 153 might be more suitable for the champion who’s yet to fight in his native country during his time in the UFC.


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